brought jeremy and his parents to Bumbu yesterday at 44 Kandahar street for dinner because i’ve been raving so much about the restaurant but have yet to let him try how awesome the food there is!

the indochinese/peranakan deco lining the walls of the double-storey restaurant

stir fried kang kong thai style $8

the kang kong was VERY NICE! no idea why it didn’t stand out much the last time we ordered. but today it was so damn shiok! it is unlike any other normal sambal or garlic-fried kang kong that you can get from any zichar stall. Bumbu does sambal kang kong too. but my recommendation would be to go for their special thai styled kang kong, because the regular zichar uncle is not going to be able to fry that for you.

Butter Oat Squid $11.80

also another regular order every time i go Bumbu. but i wish, sometimes, that they had more oats! i usually enjoying eating that with the refillable rice (YES IT IS FREE FLOW).


Pandan Leaf Chicken $3.20 per pc

pandan chicken was surprisingly good!!!! i have no idea what kinda of special sweet sauce was that, but when drizzled over the chicken, it was just perfect!

only sucky part is the unwrapping of the pandan leaf, which i hate to do because i’m a lazy eater. same reason why i also don’t like prawns.

oddly enough, if i find that the thing inside is worth putting in effort to de-shell or de-leaf, i’ll do it. for that, same reason why i love eating crab even though dirtying my hands and cracking the shell can be a bitch.

Seafood Curry in Coconut $10.80

the curry wasn’t spicy at all! in fact, it tasted more coconut than curry, which gave the curry a very unique taste! i wouldn’t say it’s that good for me to order it a second time around, but not a bad thing to try for the first time either!

the unbeatable Tahu Telor $8 i could eat this every week and not get sick of it

sadly, the egg yolk today wasn’t as good as the past 2 times i had it this year ): the tofu was bouncy and smooth on the inside though. definitely hands down my favourite dish at Bumbu.

jeremy and me!

we later took a 10-15 minute walk to Shaw Leisure Gallery across from Bugis for our second Tom’s Palette this week. it’s a new ice-cream place we discovered while having Ah Loy thai in the same building a few days ago. say goodbye to the good old days of island creamery. Tom’s Palette is the place you wanna be at to hang out with your cool friends and indulge in home made ice-cream of all kinds of unique flavours.

you can sample unique asian flavours such as yuzu, sarsi, salted egg yolk (really tastes like the real thing!), lavender, longan red dates, mango sticky rice and even a flavour called “???”

was sold by the mango sticky rice, which happened to be featured only today because it was their special flavour featured today only! i was craving so badly for the mango sticky rice from Nakhon but couldn’t get it at Ah Loy thai on monday cos it was sold out ):

so luckily i found it, strangely, at an ice-cream shop just across Ah Loy Thai! oh goodness it tastes so much like the real thing, with actual sticky rice inside and sweet pieces of mango! SO DAMN NICE. CAN YOU PLEASE FEATURE IT AS A PERMANENT FLAVOUR???

earl grey was also very refreshing! just as all earl grey ice-creams are (:

the chocolate was VERY thick and luscious. lychee tasted nice, but nothing different from the numerous lychee homemade ice-creams i’ve tried so far.

earl grey + mango sticky rice (left) and chocolate + lychee (right)

please go check them out here http://www.tomspalette.com.sg

and here for their special flavours featured only on certain days of the month! http://www.tomspalette.com.sg/calander.html

oh man how lucky i was to have caught the mango sticky rice today! i’d totally wanna try to make it for the melon moscato on the 28 and 29 of sept too!!!!!


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