turning 23! (part 1)

i had a whole week of celebrations last week for my 23rd birthday! somehow, every birthday after 21 feels less and less exciting because of the impending thought of growing OLDDDD.

nonetheless, i always welcome the best part of birthday celebrations: PRESENTS AND FREE MEALS 😀 muahahaha

dinner on 31 august was at Otto restaurant, an italian restaurant that Jeremy found on HGW with pretty good reviews!

Otto is located at 28, Maxwell Road, #01-02 Red Dot Traffic Building. it’s a 5 minute walk from Tanjong Pagar MRT.

there was a bread salad offered to us for free for appetizers. i chose onion, ciabatta and foccacia from the platter of small sliced bread – already appearing very yao gui because the other tables only chose like 1 or 2 pieces. but it was damn shiok and i felt slightly regretful when i rejected the waiter’s offer to serve more bread.

we had Wagyu beef carpaccio with mushroom and parmesan cheese salad. first time tasting semi-raw beef and somehow, it’s almost the same as proscuitto lol! got abit sick of the dish towards the end though.

for the mains, jeremy and i chose the sea urchin pasta and the pan-seared proscuitto wrapped cod fish fillet with some pieces of asparagus salad at the side.

Parma ham wrapped cod fillet with warm asparagus salad, $40

Spaghetti with sea urchin and grey mullet bottarga, $30

when the sea urchin pasta came, the pasta was undercooked and they waitress tried to smoke me and claimed that it’s that way because it’s cooked in the Al-Dente style. er but i’ve eaten Al-Dente pasta before and it definitely does not taste like crunchy noodles…

anyway, they still took the pasta back for the chef to re-cook it. the second time around was definitely much better and more Al-Dente than the first time around. the manager was also very apologetic about the undercooked spagetti and came over to our table twice to check if the second plate tasted ok.

the taste of the sea urchin was rather unique. it’s supposed to taste “umami”, a 5th taste originating from Japan. to me, the closest taste i could relate to was salty-sweet.

on the whole, Otto’s menu prices were very exorbitant and i don’t think it’ll be every day that i get to eat at this place. still, it was a very enjoyable experience because the quality of service was impeccable!! food was also interesting and a change from normal italian cuisine!

post-dinner, we walked a little way up Duxton hill to have desserts at Antoinette.

macaroons galore!!

it was my first time trying the macaroons at Antoinette! the dark chocolate one is worth trying! salted caramel was wayyy too sweet eyucks. had the yuzu-flavoured macaroon but unfortunately, its taste was overpowered by the intensity of the chocolate.

from L to R: Yuzu, Dark chocolate and Salted Caramel

my favourite!! the Antoinette!

the next day after work, we went to have lunch at Raffles City because i won Watami restaurant $50 food vouchers! the only thing nice there was the beef wrapped spring onion yakitori sticks.

tried the newly-opened Tiong Bahru Bakery as well and had their famous Kouign Amann, $3.50. it’s very crisp on the outer layers while the inner layers are fluffy and soft. the caramelized sweetness on the exterior gradually transits to a slight salty taste as you move towards the core. so much flavour in a single piece of pastry!

because we realized that the pastry was already very shiok on its own, the butter and marmalade were pretty much untouched oops!

tried Magic coffee! which consists of 2 expresso shots with a single shot of milk. damn intense!!

having a non-conventional birthday cake this year

for dinner, we joined my family for dinner at Ju Shin Jung at West Coast Yes Centre.

the spread of “xiao cai!” which are all refillable! my favourite being the beans sprout.

all of us with the table that was cramped full of food

with my family! am always the last to celebrate birthdays in the year

with Jeremy! thanks for yet another awesome birthday present this year and for celebrating my bday with me over a few days ❤


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