into the wild

it’s been awhile since my last entry but i’m back!!

just finished my retail attachment and i miss it already ): managed to chiong all my requirements within 2 weeks our of the 4, so i had a pretty chill second half of the attachment, of which the weekends were spent doing some pretty fun stuff!

one of which was our sudden and random decision to visit the Singapore Zoological Gardens!

the Singapore Zoo was having a special offer for all those born in August, so because of Jeremy, we managed to get 1 free ticket (minus tram)! we also had an additional 30% discount thanks to my newly obtained NTUC card (i am officially an auntie :P) so admission for the both of us was just $12 each with unlimited tram rides!

with the orang utans family! that’s a mummy and her 2 kids in the background looking very bored while posing with tourists

with the cute (fake) otters

didn’t pay to feed the goats this time. instead just took advantage of the excited goats in the background to take picture with heh heh!

with a friendly free ranging lemur at the treetops trail! they’re super soft to touch! almost like petting a cat!

feeding the giraffes were the highlight of the trip!

giraffes are bigger than they look! they’re absolutely imposing when standing just 1 metre next to them on an elevated platform. i never knew that their heads were that big- almost half my height!! their tongues are very long (15 cm at least) and black. while trying to hold on to the carrot stick long enough for my photo to be taken, their long tongues would be twirling and snaking around the stick to grab a hold of it. super grossss!!! haha one even nibbled on my finger because i didn’t want to hand the carrot stick over.

at the Elephants of Asia show! pretty standard stuff that the elephants have been trained for years to do for years

king of the jungle ROAR! first time catching the lion during their feeding time! otherwise normally they are lazing around and sleeping

scary bat with its scary genitals. hahaha caught one bat peeing upside down and you only need a slight gust of wind to cause the stream of pee to completely wet the face of the bat LOLLL so amusing

with fake kangaroo because the real one isn’t friendly enough to take a pic with me ):

a must-have picture with the parrots at the entrance of the zoo!

really had such a fun sunday at my favourite touristy place in Singapore! so glad Jeremy drove there too because transport getting in and out of the zoo can be a real bitch because public transport is rather scarce in the North. someone ought to built an MRT to the zoo already!

also very impressed with the professionalism of the cameramen; most of whom are willing to help take pictures using your own camera rather than exploit you with photos that you have to purchase at an exhorbitant price.

wishing for the River Safari to be built quicker so that i can visit the pandas Jia Jia and Kai Kai!


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