Brunch at Hummerston’s

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brought Jeremy to Hummerston’s at Robertson Walk (upon recommendation by gen that it was a worthy brunch place to try out) to celebrate his 23rd birthday a day in advance!

it’s a 10-15 minute walk from Clarke Quay MRT, which can be a bitch as you are heading there in the peak of the afternoon heat.

nonetheless, we were honestly surprised that we didn’t need to queue to get a seat on a Sunday! they place was only half empty and we were seated the moment we arrived 😀 if i had known, i wouldn’t have eaten pre-brunch LOL.

the interior of the restaurant was very dim so we didn’t really take photos of the place. but the decoration and set up was very spacious yet cozy! their tables are mostly big enough for 4pax and above so don’t worry if you’re bringing a large group of friends there!

me with the food!

the birthday boy!

Italian Job Poutine, $13

Poutine’s are Hummerston’s speciality. in layman’s terms, a poutine is a dish of fries served with gravy and various toppings. something like a more expensive version of Best Fries Forever, which i’m a sucker for.

sadly, the poutines are not cheap. we wanted to try the Montreal, but it was rather pricey at $13.90 because of the foie gras. so we opted for the Italian Job, which had similar ingredients sans the foie gras lol!

i absolutely loveeeed the poutine, espeically the cubes of Quesillo cheese. found it rather salty though but it’s not that bad if you share the starter.

Steak and Eggs, $28

jeremy had his steak medium-well and chose poached eggs (you decide whether you want your eggs scrambled, poached or sunny fried).

the only thing nice about this dish was the truffle fries. but having had the poutine earlier, we were kinda gelat of fries already.

i didn’t really like the steak though it was tender, but tasteless. and the poached eggs were completely bland because there was no Hollandaise haha. apparently we realized that we only liked poached eggs when their dripping wet with Hollandaise sauce.

Breakfast Tostada

i took a break from the usual Eggs ben and went for this exotic-looking breakfast consisting of a salad base, followed by 2 tortillas, scrambled eggs, grilled smoked pork and garlic sausage and topped with caramelized onions and asparagus.


sausage was yucks: hard and salty and absolutely no garlic taste at all

they weren’t very generous with the spicy tomato sauce

salad was full of all the bitter-tasting leaves that i don’t like and am unable to stomach when it’s not being masked by any salad dressing

Tarte A Roons, $11.80

thought we couldn’t go wrong with cinnamon + caramelized apples dessert topped with ice-cream. but there was something quite odd about the delivery of this dessert: the chestnut ice-cream was salty, the caramelized apples were sour, and the almond macaroon base was sickeningly sweet.


Papa Palheta Latte, $5.50

thought at least having Papa Palheta (Hummerston’s is a boutique coffee roaster of Papa’s) could save the meal but even that got screwed up. the coffee didn’t taste the least bit like Papa’s at all!!!!! no idea how they are roasting it or what kind of milk they used. i liked the biscuit though haha!

anyway, if you’re looking to try Hummerston’s, perhaps go for the pancakes! i heard they’re pretty good! i might wanna try the Montreal poutine next time and have a salad instead of a main course.


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