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for our second brunch double date, gen & MS suggested that we went to Club Street Social instead of the usual places that serve breakfast.

a cozy little hideout along 5 gemmill lane; nearest MRT is tanjong pagar (exit D)

here’s what the place looks like from the outside

i don’t think this place is very well-known amongst the locals just yet. the patrons of the bistro were mostly angmohs with SPGs, groups of girl friends or groups of SNAGs. as such, our double date gang felt rather out of place there on a sunday afternoon.

nonetheless, the owner of Club St Social is a cheery asian chick with a thick american (possibly new york) accent who greets us at the door and is very quick to inform us the moment she has an available table for seating, even before her staff has cleared her table lol!

the setup of the bistro really reminds me of those i’ve been to in the US. it has a very chill atmosphere, mostly because it’s tucked away in a neat corner away from the CBD area. definitely a great place to go to to enjoy on a weekend. Club st social has a bar too, and majority of the deco that you’ll see upon first entering would tell you that they’re probably very good with alcohol as well!

the boys and the enormous mounted alcohol cabinet i was referring to in the background

i had the proscuitto panini (prosciutto, mozzarella, tomato, truffle mayo), $16


one night in new york last december, when we ran out of things to eat, we had a panini from a bistro a block away from our place. and it kinda sucked because it was soggy even after toasting. so i never really thought about having another panini until i discovered that Club St Social has my favourite proscuitto in a panini!!!

i can’t begin to describe how good this is. it’s sandwich-love at first sight. i’d never settle for a subway ever again. you must try this!!!! screw looking for the best eggs ben in Singapore. i wouldn’t mind have proscuitto paninis every single sunday for brunch.

Club St is also famous for their scrambled eggs (scrambled eggs, fontina, chives), $12. very fluffy and buttery tasting! and a generous serving too! a great choice of breakfast for hungry boys

jeremy and gen had the duck confit panini (confit duck, roast portobello, balsamic onion), $19. it was good through the first panini, but the duck made it easily gelat-able halfway through the second panini

gen and i in very contrasting outfits haha

on the way to Everton road for a cuppa Nylon coffee!

us new running man addicts also satisfied our tteokbokki craving when we accidentally discovered a small korean restaurant a few shops away from Nylon!

Nylon Coffee Roasters (not affiliated with the Nylon magazine haha) is at 4 Everton Park, which is a small HDB estate. no idea how to go by public transport yet but i reckon it’s also around Tanjong pagar area

their cold latte is also very nong! great cool-me-down on a hot afternoon.

on my first visit there, the coffee seemed to taste very similar to the one at Loysel’s. and that’s because the owners of Nylon are actually ex-Loysel’s baristas. but then, a recent trip to Loysel’s left a bad taste in my mouth because the quality of their lattes (made by new and inadequately-trained baristas) dipped pretty badly. all i could taste was meiji milk :/ so on my second visit to Nylon, i could really taste the difference in taste of the coffee.

their prices are also cheaper than Loysel’s or Papa. so if you liked those 2, i’d highly recommend you to give Nylon a shot (:


also at Everton park is Grin Affair (a block away from Nylon), which serves cakes in jars! we wanted to try that day but it was closed on Sundays )):


well, until next weekend!


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