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last tuesday, we had our commencement ceremony which was held at University Culture Centre. was let off early at 430pm (one of the last few to be released) and headed straight to school to catch an hour or two of daylight so that we could take pictures with friends and my family!

with mum and dad, and a bouquet of pretty flowers that jeremy’s mum got for me 😀

i was so frantic upon discovering that i completely forgot to bring my graduante and guests invitation cards!!! seriously my heart was going to pop out of my mouth at the thought that i came all this way and wouldn’t be able to graduate LOL. thank god i managed to get replacements, thanks to the help of gen and some dude that i managed to seduce into keeping 2 guest cards for me at the booth for extra guest tickets 😛

with the guys! so awesome that ronald and i were graduating in the exact same ceremony 😀

jeremy and i (:

with jeremy, gen and MS

with ronald and the imba steph who swept away most of the medals for pharmacy

caught ronald in the act of being fussed over by mummy hee hee

mah and i during the (boring) ceremony. partners from year 1 to 4 yo!

christina, steph, me and nash!

thanks gen for lending me your graduation hello kitty for the day! :DD


A BIGASS THANK YOU to jeremy, gen, ms, kenny and renard for taking the time to make their way specially down to the ulu UCC to take pictures with me even just for an hour! graduation wouldn’t be the same without all of you there awww ❤

special thanks to chubby for the sunflower, the card and for lending me uni graduate hello kitty for taking photos with! also for helping me robe up and to queue for the replacement invitation cards. if not for you, i would’ve imploded from all the stress!!

only doing this once and never again. this is wayyyyy too stressful. hopefully i’d be more well organized (or get someone to do it for me) on my wedding day. i can’t imagine stressing out on another big day like this again.

bought the $8 studio photo that was taken after we went backstage. super nice!!!

congrats everybardy!!! WE DID IT!


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