NDP preview 2012

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been neglecting my blog no thanks to the overwhelming amount of work that i have been drowning in since i started OP.

but last saturday, i made some time to join my mum at the NDP preview. we got a pair of free tickets to watch because my brother is performing in the artillery 21 (?) gunshots segment.

it’s been 10 years since i’ve watched my last NDP and it’s even harder to believe that the last time i was part of the NDP, i was actually performing in it. and i’m still cringing at the thought of wearing those god ugly costumes and dancing very intensely with those cui flower garlands.

brother and his hugeass gun

my mum went earlier at 2pm to watch them at their practice session. the good thing about it is that you get to see it up close. i only saw it at the parade itself; the guns were placed on some combat engineered MKG thingy that floats on the water, in sight but at a safe distance away from the floating platform (for obvious reasons). couldn’t really see much because of the smoke that engulfs them after each shot.

closeup of the segment, which in reality, is hard to know what is going on from where you are sitting at the floating platform.

quite amazed at how well this shot is taken, despite my mum operating Ritz independently at that time and only knowing how to press the shutter button on the DSLR LOL.


weather looking good for the parade

a sea of red and white even though this is only the preview and we’re still a good month away from 9 aug

jean danker, one of the parade emcees, arrives with style in a giant hot air balloon!

what a drastic change in weather by 6pm, just half an hour after the parade started

in true Singaporean spirit, everyone immediately dons on their free poncho as the dark clouds begin to approach

the f16s flypast, the highlight of the day! ever since the red lions pangsehed due to rainy weather -.-

fake president coming out of the car

bring on the fireworks!!!

the finale: so vibrant and colourful!


really enjoyed it even though at times, i found it awfully cliche and cheesy. nonetheless, it’s not every year that you get to be at NDP and see unobstructed view of fireworks. for years i’ve been camping at various locations around july or aug to watch fireworks. but nothing beats seeing it so clearly from the floating platform itself.


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  1. Your pictures are so nice!!!! Miss home ):


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