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another exciting Hippie-for-a-day excursion for Jeremy and I on a Sunday afternoon, and the destination that day: Tanjong Pagar


1. Littered with Books

20 Duxton Road

this place is so tucked away that it’s pretty easy to miss if you aren’t alert enough

shelves with plenty of books, most of them pretty mainstream compared to the ones they have at Books Actually

the difference between shopping for a book here and at Popular/Kino is that the shelves are stuck with little post-its of short reviews about the books or even a short introduction of the author, a pretty ingenious idea, i reckon! most of the time, i tend to pick up new books to read based on recommendations given by friends. hence, personal handwritten reviews function the same way- a person who has already read the book is able to give you that added information to aid in your selection of a new read!

surprised to find regular Sophie Kinsella (and even Danielle Steel) chicklit as well, something that a hippie would be completely snarky about if they ever caught you asking for it in a hippie bookshop.

the latest thing to have: customized tote bags to motivate people to be green while being cool at the same time!


2. Flor Pâtisserie

2 Duxton Hill, #01-01

less than a 5 minute walk away is this apanese-French fusion bakery. it’s owner, Chef Yamashita, originally moved to Singapore and started Pâtisserie Glacé (at Icon Village)- was just there today and had the Strawberry Souffle, which is quite good!

1.5 years after opening Glacé, Chef Yamashita went on to open Flor Pâtisserie.

this place can’t accommodate more than 16 people dining in at a time, so you might have to takeaway if you happen to be there on a weekend afternoon

Ice Cheese Tart (Original), $3.40

cross section of the cheese tart

they take it straight out of the freezer when you buy it from the counter. so it kinda feels like cheese-flavoured ice-cream when you first sink your teeth into it, but then it gradually warms up to become more of a tart than ice-cream.

i found it to be very very very good and i’d totally recommend you to try it! the original flavour is much better than the green tea one that we also got. unfortunately, the green tea flavour was kinda overpowered by the salted cream cheese. would like to try the other flavours in time to come, they have so many!!

Green Tea Yuzu cheese tart, $3.40

“Ice Cheese Tart アイスチーズタルト

In a tartlette of an almond cookie and FLOR’s signature creamcheese filling, there is a flurry of tastes and textures; featured most prominently is the melt-in-your-mouth lightly salted creamcheese filling, followed by the incredibly fragrant crunch of the almond cookie”

check out the other flavours here! http://www.cakeflor.com.sg/ice-cheese-tarts.html

gotta have them all!

hee hee trying on my new harry potter necklace cum funny spectacles that jeremy bought for me at a vintage bazaar at OC 😀


3. Restore

124 Tanjong Pagar Road

by this time, jeremy had depleted my tiny Muji water bottle of it’s contents and we were extremely thirsty after the cheese tart. so we made our way to the next place, a 10 minute walk away, for coffee!

you’ll see why it’s aptly named this way

one entire half of the store sells vintage furniture that has been restored to mint condition, while the other half serves coffee to you while you sit on some vintage chairs and tables

basically any rickety furniture you can find in your grandparents’ or even your own homes can sell for at least $200 here. haha sounds pretty ridiculous to a non-hippie like myself who don’t appreciate vintage furniture, and furthermore at such an exorbitant price.

while waiting for my coffee

Hot Cafe Cinammon with an earl grey cookie, $5

the coffee menu at Restore

the coffee failed to impress me ever since falling in love with the taste of that at Papa and Loysel’s. found it pretty normal and almost similar tasting to Starbucks coffee. wouldn’t be worth making the trip to this ulu place for a second cup!


oh well, along the way to our final hippie location, we found time to do some hippie phototaking: the art of levitating photos

you’ve gotta go check this website out http://yowayowacamera.com/ her levitational shots are SUPERBLY taken and posed for! amazed at how she makes it look so effortless!!!

these are the best i could manage after numerous attempts and curious stares from passersby about what dodgy things we could possibly be doing in the alleyway. i even have one fail picture that i look like i’m dashing into the wall at platform 9 and 3/4 but i’m to embarrassed to blog it HAHA!

floating to get a closer look at some nondescript poster on the wall HAHA

must get to the fan to cool myself down from all the levitating

yes i am hoping to improve on my levitational skill.


4. Kki / The Little Drom Store

7 Ann Siang Hill

cute little mailbox next to the door of the shop

a store full of fun knick knacks, including a notebook with “小明和小华的故事” etched on the cover page. and the first line writes “一个风和日丽的晴天”. and at the end, “原来是一场梦”. seriously the nightmare of every chinese teacher in sec school hahahah!!

we were too full by then to try any of the pastries at Kki, but maybe next time we will!

next time you’re thinking of something to do on a weekend, why not explore the Tanjong Pagar enclave as well? and maybe perfect your levitation photos, the new jumpshot to photograph.


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