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for father’s day last sunday, my family + jeremy went to Kuriya penthouse at Orchard Central for a very sumptuous and partially sponsored lunch, thanks to a $100 voucher that my parents won from doing the crossword contest in Mind Your Body.

wearing leopard preenz from Topshop and a F21 skirt in my favourite shade of purple!

my parents, with my dad wearing his new A&F polo that i got him for a bday present (his bday coincides with father’s day every year) haha!

pretty attas place with a good ambience. great for a date on a special occasion, or any occasion if you can afford it.

attas pseudo jade for chopsticks to rest on

jeremy and i!

at first, my brother and i wanted to order the Kurobuta Tonkatsu set meal, but they ran out of black pork for the day :O (though it was only lunch time) and so we had to choose something else. so instead, my mum, jeremy and i had the Shokado Bento set and my dad had the Gindara Teriyaki set. my brother changed his black pig order to some Unagi set meal.

the place was so attas that they served us our food in courses instead of everything altogether.

Sesame Tofu appetizer

to be honest, this tasted really weird to me. it was like soya bean pudding that had an odd after taste. and pretty much killed my appetite for the rest of the meal. eeks!

Shokado Bento Set meal, $42

items i enjoyed the most from this set were the chicken karrage, edamame and tempura! the rice reminded me too much of the awful chinese steamed rice from Grad night and i ended up giving most of it away to my dad, who loves it.

Gindara Teriyaki Set, $39

the Unagi set that my brother had but i forgot the name of

a closer look at the sashimi bowl from my Shokado Bento set

the salmon was absolutely mouthwatering, silky smooth and melts in your mouth!! SHIOKZ! tuna was rather disappointing though, there were elastic bits in the tuna that we just couldn’t chew/swallow and had to spit it out :/

and dessert is served on a chilled glass plate!

wow their matcha ice-cream is very very concentrated and true to the green tea flavour! loved their petite slice of mango cake as well. and hidden behind the watermelon is 2 cubes of mochi lying on top of a small portion of azuki bean. loved everything, except the pineapple which i gave to my mum.

parents and my brother

family picture! albeit some pretty bad lighting because of the glare from the afternoon sun


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