grad night 2012

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just a quick update! work has been piling up for me right from the very first day! totally underestimated the intensity of the program, despite hearing notorious rumours about it. perhaps the brain naturally chooses to disbelieve what it doesn’t want to acknowledge….. #quoteoftheday

anyhow, that saturday was an extremely tiring one for me. i had to work from 8am to 12pm, though at the store, but still very sleep-deprived. after work, it was a rush to get my hair washed + blown, paint my own nails at home and get made and dressed up!

well, the final product:

dressed in Lipsy (from ASOS), and wore ASOS wedge pumps that gave me nightmare blisters after that

took a hell lot of pictures from that night, although i didn’t take them with Ritz the DSLR because it was too heavy to carry along. so here’s the version of events from my mini Ritz!

at the Hilton ballroom, which is pretty small

food was a pretty standard chinese wedding dinner 8 course meal, though most of the time we were busying ourselves with the camera and event games/pageant so it was rather neglected at times.

sharks fin soup!! kinda starchy but managed to get some chewy fin!

the appetizer palate with the ball that changes light. liked the spring rolls alot!

took alot of free instant (but DSLR quality) photos using Hilton’s free photo taking and printing service from 630 to 830pm! best freebie of the night!

becky and i!

half of us from Table 2, which won the pharmacotherapy speed quiz thanks to the steph 😛 $10 capitaland vouchers!!!

with val and fiona!! my buddies in SGH for the next 9 months!

taken with mag’s iphone: our OOTD! haha

nash, mah and i! gonna miss bullying him during group work man!

what’s grad night without a photo with the lab group! minus mag because she was nowhere to be found and shuyi justified her absence with her lack of contribution to the group LOL


oh god, and to my horror, during the pageant section, i was pulled up on stage as a nominee for Ms Photogenic and asked to answer a pretty awkward question. i had to think of a witty answer in like a couple of seconds even though my real answer to the question is pretty standard and boring.

question: “when you walk past a mirror, do you find yourself looking at your reflection?”

like errrrr???

true answer: ” uh yes”

witty answer that attempts to make people laugh: “i have 3 mirrors in my room so that is pretty inevitable, but other than mirrors, i do enjoy checking out my reflection in the glass panels as well”

ok kinda fail. but you can’t blame me because the question was pretty duh LOL!

awkward moment with an awkward question

nonetheless, Xinyi (in a cream-black ASOS dress) won the category after doing some cute SNSD-ish poses for everyone when it was her turn! haha cutez.

with xiaojie, val and nash! it was a random photo moment in which we were just standing around the same area and decided to take a picture haha!


grad night was really awesomeeeee! sad that this is gonna be the last graduation dinner of my schooling life. the next time will be company d&ds and you know it’s hardly ever going to be the same. a compilation video made by a classmate left me feeling unexpectedly sad to leave NUS pharmacy. in any case, there’s still commencement, so hopefully there’ll be more photowhoring again then!

awww gonna miss ya pals! next time we’ll be all dressed up like this will be someone’s wedding already…. 😛


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