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have been in so much anticipation for this!!!

despite having only 6 hours of sleep the night before thanks to a very unfortunate night out at Avalon, and the rain, and the 1 hour waiting time for a taxi home…

we dragged ourselves out of bed this morning and headed to the Harry Potter exhibition at the Art and Science museum!

i’m a humongous fan of Harry Potter! i have alllllll the 7 books (all re-read at least 3 times each), as well as the other assorted books like Tales of Beedle the Bard, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them,  and Qudditch Through the Ages. can’t wait to get my hands on the book of spells that Rowling is going to release soon!

(edit: ugh Book of Spells is a stupid Playstation game, not a book -.-)

knowing how much of a big fan i am of the series, my mum would take a bus at 7am in the morning to Thomson Plaza Popular to queue to buy the newest Harry Potter book on the day that it’s released. then she’d take a bus back home to bring back the book, before going to work again. so when i wake up later, a brand new Harry Potter book will be there waiting for me to begin reading! ❤ ❤ ❤ mummy is the best!

as for the movies, i’d literally be trembling in excitement while watching the trailers for every single new Potter movie. and then i’d trawl the internet to find pictures of co-stars, secret interviews with the cast, or anything Potter-related!

when actually watching the movie, i’ll be shaking in my seat from all the excitement for at least half the movie, explaining pretty much everything that was going on to my mum (who doesn’t read the books) or to anyone watching with me who hasn’t managed to finish re-reading the book in time before the movie.

am. that. crazy.

of course i’m really sad that the series has ended, but the magical world of Harry Potter certainly lives on. as a hardcore Harry Potter fan who hasn’t made her pilgrimage to the Harry Potter themepark in Florida, i immediately jumped at the chance to visit the HP exhibition at MBS, taking it as a preview to the madness that will consume me whilst in Florida.

SADLY……NO PHOTOGRAPHY was allowed within the exhibit ):

the only movie prop that you were allowed to take a picture with was these 2 that were displayed outside the main exhibition area

bad lighting made it look more like a dementor than a death eater

quite ugly the costume..

jeremy with the Weasley’s flying Ford Anglia!! and actual prop from the Chamber of Secrets Movie set

so cool!! can’t believe Rupert Grint and Daniel Radcliffe actually sat in it!

the exhibition is amazing. it was a pity that it was quite crowded so you had to jostle quite a bit to view the exhibits up close. and even so, you couldn’t do it for a very long time because someone else will be squeezing in front of you to take a look.

the admissions are on a per hour basis but they don’t restrict you to be in there for only 1 hour. you can stay for as long as you like, but i took 1 hour to finish everything, including go crazy at the souvenir shop later.

sneaked a photo whilst pulling out squealing mandrakes from their pots during Herbology

we shamelessly queued with kids to try our hands at throwing the Quaffle into the hoops. i suck!! absolutely cannot be a Chaser ):

i really enjoyed admiring at the costumes from the Yule ball, especially Hermione’s beautiful fuchsia robe/gown. even Cho Chang’s asian cheongsam-ish robe/gown looks exquisite in real life, especially when she’s not wearing it hmmph haha!

almost everything you knew and loved about Harry Potter is in there:

from a minuscule Bezoar that was used to save Ron’s life when he was accidentally poisoned,

to a very detailed page of scribbles in a copy of the Half Blood Prince’s potions book (in which we spotted a typo haha),

to the beautiful Golden Snitch,

to the Cornish Pixie that Gilderoy Lockhart unleashed on to the DADA class in year 2,

to a baby Thestral that i could see despite not having seen the death of another,

to Fawkes the (surprisingly huge) phoenix,

to a figure of Dobby the beloved house elf!

it’s a magical, magical experience that you will never forget. with the absence of photography to capture the sights of today, i was forced to memorize every single prop available in the exhibit to give me enough memories to savour for a long time to come. i suppose, in a way, that helped me enjoy the Harry Potter Exhibition so much more.

needless to say, i’ve been WAITING to buy Harry Potter memorabilia from the souvenir store!!! i swear it’s the first thing that came to mind when i found out about the exhibition LOL!

Chocolate Frog and Bertie Botts every flavour beans!!! ($6 each)

i remember they used to sell chocolate frogs in Popular and Bertie Botts in Jelly Belly, but what happened????? why did they take it off the shelf?????

so far i’ve tried vomit, candy floss and earthworm. omg the vomit really tastes like vomit. unable to compare the similarity in tastes of the earthworm because well, who has eaten an earthworm before?

bleah i got Ollivander the wandmaker wizard card. BORING! milk chocolate frog also failed to entertain us with some leaping ):

haha you also get the chance to pose in a scarf and hold a wand for them to take you picture against a green screen backdrop. but our pictures turned out quite ugly so we didn’t buy. costs $20 for 1 picture alone and $50 for 3 pictures of the 3 different backdrops.


the Harry Potter wand, which looks the coolest of all the wands that were on sale. there were about 10 i think. it was either this or the Hermione’s Wand but the latter looks too pretty to be a wand. looks more like an elf’s hair piece LOL.

hermione’s VS harry’s wands

a wand costs a whopping $75- an extremely steep price to pay for a piece of wood, but i knew i was gonna regret it if i walked out of the store without a freaking wand.

the brooms costs $40 each but i didn’t like the bristles. i had expected it to be wooded and glued together like the Nimbus prop but it wasn’t ):

though come to think of it, how would i keep this in my already cluttered house??

comes with a box to encase the wand in a velvet cushion, plus an authenticity card

and what’s having a wand if you don’t use it to wave around and shout out spells from my limited vocabulary of them?

maybe i should keep this in my bag when work starts.

on a crowded train during peak hour, i’m going to point this at annoying people who refuse to move into the centre of the carriage and yell,



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