Beerfest asia 2012

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so happy that i spent the last weekend of my summer so fruitfully 😀

on sunday afternoon, we headed down to Beerfest at Marina Promenade. it’s my second here at Beerfest and we paid $16 each for entry- tickets were bought way in advance because the early bird tickets tend to sell out really quick!

the weather was blazing hot and merciless. thank goodness for the sheltered tentage and a shaded seating area that we managed to find to sit for the whole afternoon.

super clear skies for the day!

hee hee, this year, we were at Beerfest for our very first (and probably record breaking) Quadruple date. haha incidentally, i was on a triple date at avalon 2 days ago and i realized that having anything more than a double date and you will naturally find yourself walking in pairs one after the other like a permanent red carpet event LOL!

nonetheless it was fun! i finally got the meet all the girlfriends of Jeremy’s VJ clique.

us at our carefully guard secret shaded spot heh heh!

also took an instax, though apologize for the blur quality of the iphone-taken pic haha!


on to the beers we had today:

Taiwan Beer – Sweet Touch Fruit Beer (Lychee) $5

Taiwan Mango beer, $5

Jagermeester shots, $5 each!

comes in a test tube, which made it kinda hard to drink from at 1 go. but tasted much sweeter than the tequila shot from avalon, which costs $20 wtf…

Japan Kinshachi Chocolate Weizen, $10- TASTED LIKE SHIT!!!

Sweden’s Kopparberg Dry Pear Cider, $8

we spent $28 in total for the both of us. and the amount i drank was enough to get me awkwardly high (but un-noticeable) in the afternoon.

i felt that it was pretty worth it though, the fact that we got to try so many beers. whenever in doubt, always go for the fruity beers because they’re the most palatable and easy to drink. NEVER NEVER opt for weirdass exotic flavours like chocolate or red miso wtf.

missed the North Taiwan melon beer for the 2nd year in a row because we went there on the last day )):


we played some beer pong and foozeball as well. i suck so badly at beer pong!! jeremy and i played with clem and mel and we had 5 turns each and neither of the balls landed into the cups of beer ): would never make it at a college frat party..

one last one of us for the day!


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