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brought gen on Tuesday to have lunch at Choupinette, located at 607 Bukit Timah Rd, just after Coronation plaza. thankfully for me, gen drove us there. but the place is pretty accessible by buses (get down at Coronation plaza bus stop). alternatively, you can take a 10-15 minute walk from Botanic Gardens MRT.

you definitely won’t miss it! the shop banner is so colourful!

pretty quiet and chill on a weekday afternoon! heard it can get pretty crowded on weekends though

bread display and selection of wines

more bread! although i didn’t really see anyone helping themselves to it haha

Choupinette is famous for its Eggs Benedict ($20+) and Eggs Royal ($21+). although pricey, it is actually a set meal that comes with 1 fruit juice and any hot drink .

there are also other non-poached eggs breakfasts to choose from, all accompanied by 2 beverages!


i wanted to have the Eggs Royal, but they ran out of salmon….which puzzles me because aren’t they right next to NTUC at coro?! instead, i had the Benedict.

Eggs Benedict on toast

it looks kinda normal and plain. but the Hollandaise sauce had me at the first mouthful. it’s so buttery-tasting and drizzled everywhere in a generous serving, even in a neat trail around the plate- for you to drag the last bits of toast around while polishing off the Benedict.

i liked that they served the poached eggs (perfectly done) on toast, instead of some mega thick bead like sourdough or brioche that can be cumbersome to cut into.

trumped Rider’s Blackstone Benedict to become second place, after Wild Honey’s European eggs ben breakfast


gen had the Eggs Florentine, with a huge portion of spinach!!

Eggs Florentine

made some terrible choices with the drinks though…

their latte, which sucks ): was too diluted with milk. will choose tea next time to be safe..

in the foreground is my pineapple juice, but it was so acidic-tasting ): should’ve stuck with apple

headed over to sogurt (just a few shop units away) for dessert despite being very bloated from lunch

at sogurt, you do all the work: choose flavours, dispense your own yoghurt, add toppings. and all the girls in pretty strawberry dresses will do is weigh your froyo cup and charge $3 for every 100g

we added half pink guava (incidentally the new Love Bonito flavour lol!) and half lychee, added lychee burst, a piece of lychee and nata de coco

the lychee burst balls are DAMN SHIOK!! they literally burst in your mouth and lychee-flavoured syrup comes out! the burst balls comes in other flavours like yoghurt, mango and i forgot what else.

our cup weighed 150g so we paid $4.50. haven’t had froyo in a long time so i don’t know if it’s considered expensive. but what i like is being able to choose from a large variety of froyo flavours, deciding how much yoghurt i wanna eat, and how you don’t need to pay a fixed amount for each additional topping you put in.

the downside though: it’s VERY sweet. so eating it in moderation is a must.


ah i’m really going to miss weekday brunches!!!


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