Bumbu Restaurant

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i was at Bumbu with pharm girls last thursday for lunch! i recall really enjoying the food here 2 years ago when shaun recommended us for class dinner.

a lot of Indochinese furniture and deco, making the atmosphere very authentic!

cozy dining tables on the second floor beside walls that are adorned with, what i reckon, old photographs of the owner’s ancestors?

thankfully i blogged about my previous visit to Bumbu and so was able to retrieve the old entry and take down a list of dishes that were awesome so we knew exactly what to order in less than 5 minutes!

Sambal Kang Kong, $8

Tahu Telor, $8


this is one of their star dishes and it certainly lives up to expectations! the tahu has a thin fried skin that makes way for it’s soft, melt-in-your-mouth interior. together with the crispy egg white pieces and the (no idea what kind of) black gravy, it’s simply food-gasmic!!

Beef Rendang, $10.80

meat was very tough and dry. kinda regretted ordering this, plus it was rather pricey. well i’ll know better next time to give this a miss!

Butter Oat Squid, $11.80

this one is also another of my favourites and a must try if you visit Bumbu! i don’t really like squid but fry it with butter and oat flakes and i’m sold!!!

the bill came up to $15 per person for the 3 of us (becky already had lunch), which isn’t too bad for such a filling and sumptuous meal! oh by the way, rice is free-flow so you can eat till your stomach burst! great for the guys but not so value-for-money for me cos i usually ask for less rice lol!

Bumbu restaurant is at 44 Kandahar Street, about a 10 minute walk from Bugis MRT. you can check out their menu at their website: http://www.bumbu.com.sg/Menu.php


later, we cabbed to 66 Kampong Bugis to chill at Loysel’s Toy!

suelynn’s Affogato, $7

yummy vanilla ice-cream drenched with an expresso shot!

my piccolo latte <3, $4

nash’s Latte, $4.50 (about 30% larger in size than my piccolo)

super chill la there was no one at the alfresco area except us! budden later the window washing uncles came to chase us away to the other alfresco area ):

suelynn, nash and i by kallang river!

this is one of the last few chill outings we have as unemployed graduates ): gotta make the most of the last week of holidays!!!


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