brunch adventures: Rider’s Cafe

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jeremy brought his family to Rider’s last sunday for brunch and i was glad to be invited along because i LOVEEE brunch and i’ve been wanting to try their Eggs Benedict.

excited on the car ride there!!

funny story! we were using iphone maps on jeremy’s phone to direct his dad to Rider’s cafe. and somehow, he forgot to change the map settings to Singapore. so jeremy proceeded to direct his dad by telling him that Fairways drive was (apparently an actual street in the US) next to a “Humpty Dumpty Park” hahahahahaha!! luckily i realized the error when all the other roads nearby seemed unheard of in Singapore.

some things to note about Rider’s Cafe:

1. breakfast is served all day (8am to 3pm) on weekends, whereas the breakfast menu is only available in the morning (up till 11am i think) on weekdays

2. reservations should be made in advance (at least 2 weeks) if you intend to get a table. i think you can walk in but the wait should be pretty long. we saw this dude noisily parking his limited edition ferrari (with much difficulty) and then swaggered along with his hotstuff girlfriend into the cafe, hoping to be seated without making a reservation. but too bad, he was turned off by the long waiting time and had to reverse his ferrari noisily again and zoom off elsewhere for lunch.

3. the cafe is entirely al-fresco, so pray that you get seated at the right place at the right time, otherwise you may be enjoying your food together with occasional wafts of horse manure.


2nd visit to Rider’s! last time was during recess week of the previous semester! feels so long ago

do look out for their specials menu on the chalkboard at the counter!

vanilla chai tea latte, $4 i think

loved this x102935809835029853!!!!!! the vanilla taste was slightly stronger than, though not overpowering the chai tea taste. therefore, it is sweet enough on its own and you probably won’t have to add any sugar to it. loved it so much. probably the best chai tea you can find locally!

Blackstone Benedict with Bacon & Tomatoes, Poached Eggs & Hollandaise

side view of Blackstone Benedict, $15

this version of the eggs ben tasted pretty different from the usual. i didn’t really like the sourdough bread because it was er sour and also quite difficult to cut a piece out thanks to the rubbery thick crust. i liked the tomatoes though, i think it made the poached eggs less gelat to eat because it offseted quite a bit of the egg taste. the piece of asparagus was quite random and i don’t know how to describe it other than it being rather out of place.

overall it’s one of the better eggs ben i’ve had. definitely better than Hatched and possibly on par with Wild Honey’s though i tend to get very sick of the egg taste very quickly for the latter. definitely worth a shot if you’re on the lookout for the best eggs ben in singapore!

jeremy’s dad had the squid ink pasta in cabonara, which was on their specials menu

scallop looks soooo good! haha jeremy gave me a spoonful of the spagetti and it’s really quite nice!! not cheap though, it was $26 :O

jeremy’s mum had another dish from the specials menu- King Threadfin with Ratatouille and potatoes, $26

Death by Chocolate Cake + Vanilla ice-cream, $12

this was the epitome of RICHNESS and SIN. we shared this amongst 6 of us and still felt very overwhelmed  by the chocolate. it’s rather excessive, hence, living up to it’s name. unfortunately, we didn’t find it very enjoyable after the first few bites…


nobody photobombing my photo this time cos the staff were all busy and trying not to get scolded by their black face of a supervisor/owner(?)

thanks jeremy for an awesome brunch treat!! ❤


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