Apple Pie Cinnamon Cupcakes

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i’m quite amazed at my impulsive behaviour sometimes. on Wednesday, i woke up feeling hungry and having a craving for the apple pie cupcakes i was researching for a couple of weeks ago.

within 2 hours i had printed the recipe, studied it thoroughly, checked the ingredients stocks at home, went to NTUC and bought them.

again, Craving Chronicles was my source of this delicious recipe.

i skipped the sections for making the frosting and the caramel sauce because my parents prefer it not to be so sweet. and also because the frosting and caramel sauce looks damn cheem to make haha!

also replaced the Honey Crisp apples for Fuji apples because that was what was in my fridge and anyway i find them sweeter. i was halfway through decore-ing 1 apple with rather haphazard knife-handling skills that my dad intervened and offered to skin, decore, and dice the apples while i went about preparing the other ingredients. turned out to be such a good help because cutting 4 apples into small pieces is very time consuming.

time for cooking apples!

i used a pot instead of a medium-sized saucepan, and i think it works just fine, if not maybe better because the apple pieces wouldn’t fall out while stirring them around.

after 10 minutes on low heat, i could heat the sizzling from the apple juices. smells sooooo good as well!

apple juice from tender apples! yummmiee!

following that, i added cornstarch/cornflour and water and cooked it for another 5 minutes. it helped to thicken up the mixture so that it’s now something of a slightly less starchy apple pie filling!

resisted the urge not to pop this into my mouth!

once the apple filling was done, i moved on to the cinnamon cupcakes. this was the first time that the recipe specified a whisk attachment to mix the ingredients in my electric mixer! haha luckily i managed to dig it out from my mum’s messy baking cupboard.

liquidy cupcake batter with a very strong smell of cinnamon

filled the cupcake holders (bought these cute orange cups from the attas bake shop at chip bee) with the batter using a ladle

the cupcakes took about 16 minutes to bake. i had three batches so that was the most time-limiting step, but at least i could get down to washing up and tweeting pictures during the waiting time.

it’s best to put int the filling once the cupcakes have been completely cooled (about 5-10 minutes) and less flimsy.

step 1: cutting out a cone using a spatula

step 2: stuffing a spoonful of apple filling in the hole

step 3: slice out the bottom part of the cone from earlier (eat it) and replace the cap over the apple filled cupcake! tadah!

of course it doesn’t look so pretty on it’s own without any frosting. but trust me, it tastes sooooo good that nobody will even care whether it looks ugly or not.

the apple filling is sweet and laced with cinnamon so it’s perfect for a cinnamon-lover like me! thanks to the milk and perhaps, the whisk mixing, the cupcake was moist and airy- the texture i’ve been trying to achieve ever since i started experimenting with cupcakes.

this is hands down the best cupcake i’ve ever made! so proud of myself 😀 was feeling kinda shitty about my culinary skills ever since i gave myself food poisoning while cooking a salmon fillet. who does that??

packaged and about to be delivered to apple-pie-lover jeremy with love ❤

cross section of the cupcake. try not to dig your hole too deep into the cupcake otherwise the whole thing would fall apart as you are eating it!

the recipe gave me 27 cupcakes (instead of the approximated 24) and i gave more than half away because i was afraid my parents wouldn’t be able to finish, because they normally don’t and i also get gelat of the things i bake and end up not being able to finish eating. but this time, my parents and i polished 9 cupcakes within 2 days!

also, i calculated and it cost me about 50 cents to bake each cupcake. wah lao can you imagine how much profit places like Twelve Cupcakes make when they sell their cupcakes for $3 a pop?? never gonna buy from them again. i rather make myself 😛

anyhow, i will definitely be baking this again soon! it’s simply so yummy!! thank you Craving Chronicles for another awesome recipe!! 😀


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  1. The Craving Chronicles

    You’re welcome, so glad you enjoyed the cupcakes 🙂


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