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so glad i’m done with the 16 years of schooling, although i suspect i should add on a year or two from the day that my mum brought home those cursed assessment books when i was just a carefree child enjoying kindergarten. that was when i first experienced misery.

while working poses its own woes on a whole different level, i’m looking forward to coming home after work and blanking my mind out to anything work-related. you don’t ever have to think about projects deadlines, uncooperative project group mates, tests, practical sessions or exams.

i’ve been fortunate somehow, that my CAP has always hovered around 2nd upper a.k.a being friend-zoned by first class honours right from the start. today, i graduate with a cap of 4.26, sitting just in the middle of the 4 – 4.49 range that defines a 2nd upper class honours šŸ˜€

in case you thought i was lying hAHA

on a side note, i’m always so amused at how some special beings guard their CAP/results better than a state secret mission toĀ assassinateĀ a terrorist. so much so that the defense ministry should consider roping some of them in as official state secret guardians, if such an position exists.

the bigger surprise was scoring an A- for my FYP! really happy because i totally didn’t expect to do so well! the amount of effort i put it wasĀ minusculeĀ compared with the blood, tears and sweat that my other classmates invested into their projects.

very grateful for a smooth sailing academic journey in NUS! i hope i can say the same for my prospective career as a Pharmacist šŸ˜€

been dying to say this without having to subject myself to the torture that is national service:



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