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we’ve been really lucky of late, or rather jeremy has been. he won us a pair of tickets to the closing show of this year’s Audi Fashion Festival, thanks to Heineken!!

cool ass tickets that were couriered to jeremy’s office last Friday

it is my DREAM to be able to watch a fashion show for real, in the flesh! and although i got the chance to go to the Topshop/Topman one last year, nothing beats having the golden opportunity to be at one of, or if not possibly, THE biggest fashion event in Singapore.

unfortunately, i had no clue who Mouret was or what he’s famous for. and if you had no idea either, here’s 3 things you need to know about him:

1. He’s a French designer

2. known for designing the Moon dress, in which Victoria Beckham wore and made famous

love her matching birkin!

3. also popular, is his Galaxy dress

the cut is so form-flattering. no wonder everyone is wearing it!

my instincts told me to dress as fashion forward as i could at an event like this. and the best that i could come up with was this!

dress and pump wedges from ASOS, bag from gmarket, and borrowed the navy blazer from gen before she flew to japan! 😀

jeremy in Mango HE shirt, GAP jeans and Aldo brogues (very safe and un-gay HAHA)

the event starts at 7pm, but we had 1 hour to hang around in the fully air-conditioned lobby area of the tent at Ngee Ann City Civic Plaza. and that place is HEAVEN for the event noobs + singaporeans that we were

there was free + free-flow……..

MAGNUM minis- the new range Magnum Temptation. we had some fruit flavoured one which kinda sucked :O

RED WINE, WHITE WINE- downed mine in a jiffy!

SAN PELLEGRINO SPARKLING WATER- had the Arianciata Rossa flavoured sparkling water! quite nice, tastes almost like F&N orange actually.

NESPRESSO- tried a cup of latte of their new, limited edition blend, Naora. argh i want a nespresso machine right now!!

BELVEDERE VODKA- by this time i could hardly finish the cup of very fruity and yummy mix of vodka and grapefruit because i was so bloated from my greediness!!


kiasu-ism was also not restricted to camwhoring at the event banners and making sure i don’t regret not having taken enough photos at this once-in-a-lifetime event!

argh lighting!

taken with instagram in iPhone. bad bad lighting because i forgot to bring Ritz )):

but it’s ok because we managed to take a couple of proper pictures with flash because photographers were trolling the whole place, more than happy to take your picture. thanks to one of the event sponsors, Canon, we even managed to get our photo taken and printed as a free take-home souvenir!

Magnum was even more efficient, they spotted us noming greedily on our free Magnum minis and asked us to take a photo together against their Magnum banner. when the photos have been developed, their Magnum girls will look for you to pass you your photo! good service ttm! though it must be mega stressful for her, having to hunt for people all night long!

thank you Magnum for the ice-cream and the picture!!!

finally! being at a real life runway show!!

front row celebrity sightings included people like Dick Lee, David Gan and Denise Keller! so exciting!!

haha because our block was rather sparsely-occupied in the front few rows, we managed to get upgraded 2 rows in front, till we were seated in the 4th row from the front 😀

roland mouret

the dim lighting and the lightning speed at which the emanciated models strut past you make it absolutely impossible to get a good picture of the runway outfits. so i’d refer you to his website if you want to take a closer look at the AW2012 collection

loving the green and blue pastel colours featured in this collection! haha cute embossed reindeers were also spotted on a couple of the AW collection; pretty unique i reckon!

oh and sheila sim totally owned the runway! she’s got way more runway presence than any of the other models there. local talent ftw!!!


thanks jeremy for bringing me to this event and allowing me to finally cross “watch a real fashion show” off my bucket list!!! ❤


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