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now that we no longer have the need to patronize cafes to camp for the sole purpose of studying for an exam or test (sorry Starbucks and Coffeebean, though i must commend the latter  for allowing us to study there for almost the entire day without once telling us off or chasing us away), we have been exposing ourselves to the exciting concept of chilling at indie coffees boutiques/cafes .

no doubt, there is a rising trend of Singaporeans learning to appreciate coffee that tastes better than your neighbourhood coffeeshop’s kopi-O, yet aims to be a lot more socially aware than the extremely commercialized coffee industry. a simple search on Google will provide you with recommendations for the top coffee boutiques in Singapore, if you’re getting sick and tired of ordering a Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks.

check it out the link here if you’re, like me, running out of things to do over the summer holidays.


incidentally, an actual macchiato is far from the Caramel Macchiato that was my favourite drink for a while at Starbucks. the indie coffee boutique experience will show you what true, good coffee is supposed to taste like, and that a macchiato is an expresso shot topped with a dash of milk.


Papa Palheta is located at Hooper Road, and is pretty accessible by public transport. there’s a bus stop right outside, in front of the Shell petrol station. by train, you can alight at Newton MRT and either walk a short distance (1 bus stop) or take a bus.

shelves of science laboratory-like equipment that is supposedly used in the process of making coffee

being there for the first time may prove rather intimidating because the place is not a cafe per se, but organizes coffee classes, sells beans, machines, and accessories. but you can ask for a cup of coffee (any way you like) and they will make it for you, the cost of which is a donation, of any amount you fancy, that goes into their tip jar.

because there are no instructions about all these procedures, you only figure all these things out as you frequent the place more often, or have an experienced friend bring you along.

types of coffee you can order include (or to my limited knowledge so far) pretty much anything from the Loysel’s Toy coffee menu, so it may be useful to make a first trip there to familiarize yourself first. i’ve heard people order things like Long Black, Flat White, Cappuccino, Latte.

i actually really like the piccolo latte from Loysel’s Toy and i’m going to try getting it from Papa Palheta next time, tee hee!

good ol’ latte

i love the characteristic aroma of their coffee, and how it smells and tastes so perfectly roasted. every mouthful of coffee feels so relaxing, yet a good perk-me-up in the middle of lazy hot afternoon.

while we were seated, a very hippie ‘barista’ (have no idea what you call the servers there if the place is not a cafe), rocking a fringe that clouds 80% of his vision, performed a pretty cool coffee demo for us. he used a “Clever Coffee Dripper” that only drains the contents when you place it on top of a cup/bowl/beaker. shit i have no idea how to describe this with my inadequate coffee jargon knowledge. but bottomline is that it was damn cool! HAHA!

while waiting outside the toilet for Jeremy, i was eavesdropping on a very intense hippie conversation about coffee, of which, i barely understood because most of it was spoken in jargons. i really had no idea how niche an interest coffee can be!

but while others take the time to break it down and produce the perfect brew, i’m just contented with enjoying a cup of decent coffee in the afternoon (:


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