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our brunch destination for the day

Hatched recently opened a second branch in Holland Village, which is a relief for folks like me who have no car (and no license…..but don’t remind me) and find it an absolute hassle to visit the Hatched at Evans Lodge.

with that said, it’s absolutely necessary to make reservations at least a week in advance if you want to get a place, especially on a Sunday.

located in between the mama shop (aka the cheaper alternative to party  city) and Bodyshop, there’s a makeshift (or perhaps deliberate) plain board spray painted “Hatched” that announces their presence. you’d totally miss it if not for that sign, because the restaurant is boarded by wooden panels and the only opening is also a wooden sliding door that is usually closed to keep the aircon in.

creatively designed menu that groups dishes according to how the egg is being cooked: boiled, scrambled, poached, runny, sunny side up and even friends of eggs (includes eggplant)

i’m not a fan of their eggs benedict, so this time i chose one of the top rated dishes, Croque Madame, while jeremy opted for second place Burly Benedict

Croque Madame $16

aerial view of Croque Madame haha

i found the croque madame quite disappointing, paling so much in comparison to brunches i’ve had elsewhere. and if this is said to be the best that Hatched has to offer, then i’m quite cynical about how the other dishes would fare.

i did, however, enjoy their homemade mash that was covered with some mysterious delicious sauce. the taste of emmental cheese managed to emerge occasionally as i made my way through the sandwich and i think that helped to redeem it a little.

otherwise, the egg was just bleh. the Kurobuta ham tasted like plain ol’ ham and i couldn’t even tell what the Mornay sauce was supposed to taste like because the whole thing was kinda bland.

Burly Benedict (one portion) $12

i tried bits of jeremy’s Burly Benedict and found it pretty bleh. the corned wagyu beef was minced and tasted a lot like processed meat. the sautéed potatoes, though slightly crispy on the outside, was dry and difficult to swallow. again, nothing spectacular.

steph’s Smoked Royale (two portions)

ronald ordered this but i couldn’t find the name on the online menu! it’s some scrambled eggs on beef thingy

kenny’s French Onion Sandwich $18

overall, the other three said that what they ordered weren’t exactly very awesome. and we agreed that Hatched is overrated. or perhaps, the concept of restaurants catering an all-day breakfast/brunch menu has become very overdone, till the point that you have to do a little QC on your own to suss out the places that are worth a second visit.

for its price (roughly $18 a person) and the lacklustre food, i don’t think i’ll be going back to Hatched any time soon…


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  1. Hi, for once, we get to hear some real comments/review about food. Cheers!

    btw, anyone reading this article who is wondering what’s so great about Holland Village, do check out the Holland Village official web site at http://www.holland-village-singapore.com.. parking info, shop directories, etc.


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