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it finally hit me that today will be the last day that jeremy and i will have a weekday together to go out and play! he starts his 10-week internship next monday and i start work on the 11 of June, which left us with only today (to take advantage of the quiet weekday crowds) to enjoy an afternoon at Sentosa!

i’m not too keen to get under the sun. but today i was excited because i could debut my new H&M fashion against aids bikini!!!

costs only $14.90! and what’s more? H&M will donate 25% of the purchase price to HIV/AIDS prevention projects. what a great way to do charity while shopping!

wanted to kick myself for not going down last week when the collection first launched. fortunately or unfortunately, most of the size 32 and 34 were all sold out for nearly every single piece in the collection. saved me from buying alot of things on impulse i suppose…

anyone overseas or going on grad trip to places with H&M- can you please get this for me????


anyway, back to our sentosa outing today. jeremy got to fulfill his long-time bucket list: surfing at wavehouse sentosa

excited boy is excited

it costs $35 per hour on weekdays to try your hand at the flowrider but jeremy managed to get 2 hours for $35 thanks to some obscure Nebo card privilege that we discovered by chance while i was buying drinks.

steady does it

finally surfing and looking pro


teeny bit of injury sustained after falling down repeatedly for 1.5 hours ):

with a very satisfied jeremy who managed to cross one more thing off his bucket list!

didn’t get a tan at all (thank god) because i slapped on plenty of SPF 30, stayed in the shade most of the time with Karlton my kindle, and also because the weather was more cloudy than sunny.

i’m really glad that we made this day trip to sentosa today! kinda makes up for a gradtrip-less summer (:


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