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the days following exams have been so fun-filled, i’ve not had the time to blog!

after a very horrid DFD paper, in which nash had the courage to be the only one to leave early from, we went to try out our graduation robes at the arts co-op! almost everyone in there was hogging the sample robes and camwhoring like it was a Halloween party. took us almost 15 minutes just to have someone give up the size of robes we wanted to try.

following that, nat cabbed us over to Lucky Plaza to have ayam penyet! shaun introduced me to ayam penyet President previously but apparently, ayam penyet Ria is the best in that building!

Ayam Penyet (pic taken from their website)

i could actually taste the difference between the Ria and the President chicken! the former is a lot more tender and less dry. the chicken skin, a sinful pleasure of mine, was fried to crispy perfection although you can tell that a lot of oil went into frying it :/

what i also liked was the generous serving of that crispy small batter bits that i have no idea what it is but I LOVE IT!

but the spiciness of the chilli was level 10  and only nat, the true Indon, could handle it. i practically left a 1 cm safety border in between everything else edible and the killer chilli, occasionally feeling brave enough to taste a bit of it with a lot of rice but quickly regretted it soon after.

also suffered a bimbotic moment when i asked if gado-gado was a drink LOL! but really, i was kinda craving for chendol, particularly the one from Ivins!


do try it though!! it’s one of the best ayam penyets i’ve ever had! and it’s a great option when you’re on the hunt for a budget meal in town.

various locations of ayam penyet ria (courtesy again of http://www.ayampenyetria.com)


so rare that we’d go out like this, but hopefully when nat gets back and the nightmare of pre-reg begins, we’d find time to have dinner together after work to lament together about working people’s woes.


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