school’s out!

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last friday, the (overly enthusiastic at times) class gathered at Utown for a massive phototaking session right after our last (and very boring) pharmacotherapy lecture.

it was sweltering hot that day and i got a migraine from getting a heat stroke. the only consolation was the photo memories that i got to keep from that day!

with nat, yuxi and nash. i was so surprised that even nat came along!

this takes the prize as the most epic comical photo we've ever taken with nat, whom btw has a strict requirement that all photos with her MUST be taken using ridiculously comical poses ONLY

becky and i! and spot the cheeky nash photobombing in the background

with becky, sl and mag, with our heads cocked in awkward angles in attempts to control some severely windswept hair haha! thanks for the periodic brunch outings to keep me sane despite FYP and school ❤

with my future colleagues at SGH in 2 months time! getting into the green uniform spirit already are we?

with the lab group! whom i will really miss most! i'd never able to tolerate week after week of dreadful lab sessions if not for the antics of mag and nash, weird conversations between shuyi and shilei, and most of all, bullying mah!!!

with my regular circle line pal nash LOLL!!! thanks for all the times we would whine tgt about driving and being apathetic about school, and for getting me addicted to 2 things: peach tea and korean dramas!

2 more weeks till exams end and we’re free of 4 intense years of non-stop studying! ok maybe it will still be intense where i’ll be working at, but at least there won’t be anymore negative-marking exams or SOAPs!!!


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