the end of one chapter

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once again, life has brought us to the close of yet another major chapter of our lives. 4 years feels like an awfully short time when you’re at the end of your final year as a student and on the brink of entering the brutal world they call “the workforce”.

it is bittersweet to walk through the corridors of Science and think about all the times i

– got lost while finding a lecture theatre. although to be honest, i still have no idea where some LTs are when people approach me to ask for directions in school

– studied with friends at some bench tucked neatly away from the crowds and how cassy would insist that the table tops are extremely filthy and would lay her spot of the table with a piece of tissue before any of her notes goes on top (but seriously the tables are coated with an extremely frightening layer of dust)

– survived on $1 nescafe mocha canned coffee from the canteen almost every single day after lunch to get me through the most sleep-inducing lectures

– enjoyed Spinelli’s cookie spin at a student-discounted price of $4.50 on days that i felt deserving of a treat to myself

– made a horrible mistake in year 1 and took Math as an elective that i could not S/U

– went crazy buying OPI every time there was a bazaar at Science (before i found out i could get it cheaper online)

– lugged bags and bags of forever 21 goodies a couple of times a month for distribution after i’d conducted sprees for myself and my classmates

– had to suffer the sweltering heat on lab days in no air-con labs (lucky year 1s are going to get fully air-con pharmaceutics labs from now on) with jeans, covered shoes and that blasted lab coat

– would get a migraine every week after year 4 counselling sessions because of all the tension and stress that builds up before

– was holding myself together (from fainting) by the thread at the sight of dissected cadavers and body parts in a room that was filled with the stench of formaldehyde

– most of all, made friends that would stick with me through thick and thin, even though we were studying to the death just to cope with the sheer volume of tests. friends whom i could share jokes with or comfort me that they’ve studied wayy less than i have so i don’t need to be paranoid. friends who generously let me copy their notes even though i was lazy that day and ponned a lecture. friends who remind me that there’s more to life than CAP.

friends who keep me sane no matter what pharmacy throws at us (:


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