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i come bearing good news for brunch addicts: wild honey has branched out!

i’m so glad that Wild Honey has decided to open another branch at the new Scotts shopping mall! the latter seems to house brands of shops that i’ve never even heard of in my life! possibly because i lack the wealth to be able to afford anything in there anyway.

anyway, the great thing about this branch is that it DOES take reservations! despite that, we were 1 hour early for our allocated reservation but still managed to be seated in the (only) half-empty restaurant, despite it being the prime hour for brunch.

brightly mismatched furniture seems to be the in-thing for cozy restaurants nowzadayz

the wide space definitely makes it a lot less claustrophobic than the Mandarin Gallery branch. however, upon making the reservation, becky was told that we had exactly 90 minutes to sit, eat, talk, and get the hell out. hahaha of course not in those exact words, but the gist of the message is similar.

sugar cubes arranged nicely to look deceivingly like a free cup of latte from far


the eggs ben addicts in us have officially declared that Wild Honey’s “European” takes the cake for the best eggs ben in the whole of Singapore!

and so, it was the natural choice when it came to ordering, plus an additional dish of sautéed mushrooms from the appetizer menu.


one day, a genius thought about replacing ham on eggs benedict with proscuitto. and that day, a food miracle was created.

the poached eggs are so well done that the ball of egg yolk stays encapsulated in the soft egg white until you decide to poke it open with a fork. and taking a mouthful of brioche (bread), egg yolk, egg white, sautéed mushrooms, hollandaise sauce and proscuitto = not doing myself a favour at all by stimulating cephalic phase at this time of night….

but for me, this has got to be what they serve for breakfast everyday in my heaven.

sadly, i’ve got a narrow therapeutic window for my tolerance towards egg; too much and it makes it nauseous. so i’m definitely going to order this to share next time!

just look at how the hollandaise sauce is enticing you to take a bite

the European breakfast is priced at $18, comparable to most other places with eggs ben. but boy, this is the best and most value-for-money eggs ben you will ever put in your mouth.


with becky and suelynn on our final brunch date before the exams

can’t wait to be back for more brunch yums! already tortured myself by looking through the menu and decided what i would order the next time. nope, it ain’t eggs ben! i think i’ll try the Norwegian one (which has salmon and hollandaise sauce) and I Love New York (with my favourite bagel with cream cheese!)

will mentally tattoo a reminder to not look at food just before i’m heading to bed ):


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