a french weekend part 2

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i've been waiting to dine here for AGES

located at Indoor Stadium (nearest to carpark E)

we initially planned to visit Le Bistrot for a Valentine’s Day lunch, but as expected, if you hadn’t made reservations months in advance , you ain’t getting no table for Vday yo!

this restaurant gets plenty of reviews praising its unpretentious-ness. and i can see why, what with all the mismatched furniture and colourful cushions!

everything makes for a very classy yet cozy ambience!

hair was behaving itself that day 😀

the way their pricing works

we ordered 1 entree + main comb and 1 main + dessert combo so that we could share the entree and dessert (:

Caviar du Pauvre (Poor Man's Caviar)

“verrine of eggplant and garlic purée, chicken liver mousse and Pernod crème fraîche, served with chargrilled bread”

this came very highly recommended by friends as well as most of the online reviews that we read. to be honest, this was the one item on our menu for that day that lived up to its expectation.

having just 1 pot to share allowed us to enjoy it thoroughly without getting sick of it. however, i found the bread abit too burnt and hazardous because the crust can get a little too sharp at the edges.

but otherwise, this is the one and only thing i’d recommend you to have if you pop by Le Bistrot!

you can request for olive oil and balsamic to dip the bread in as well! bread is free-flow but pity we were too full to take advantage of that :/

Crumble à la Joue de Bœuf Wagyu, Pommes Sarladaises

“crumble of braised Wagyu beef cheek served with duck fat potatoes and mesclun salad”

ordering this main would require you to add an extra $8 on top of the $50 combo.

i loved the potatoes (the 4 round pieces at the side) and that was the first time that i’ve had potatoes made that way! they were drizzled with salt bits and slightly crispy on the outside but soft on the inside.

however, the braised wagyu beef cheeks weren’t very appealing to me because they had a very gelatin-consistency (which is essentially what they are made of) and the health freak pharmacist in me kept flashing the words “DYSLIPIDEMIA, CHOLESTEROL, ANGINA, HEART FAILURE, ATRIAL FIBRILLATION”. basically made the whole thing taste like eating gooey gelatin, which wasn’t a pleasant thing.

the cheese crumble part was very tasty though! but i really couldn’t stomach the most expensive cheeky part of the meal.

wouldn’t recommend it :/

Confit de Cuisses de Canard

“duck leg confit with honey-mustard vinaigrette and creamy potato purée”

most reviews would say that the duck leg confit is MUST TRY and therefore, it would have been stupid of us not to order this.

i really enjoyed the crisp, tasty skin of the duck that comes off so easily and simply melts in your mouth. i never thought duck skin could taste that amazing. the delicious honey-mustard vinaigrette sauce also helped to complement the duck meat well too!

HOWEVER, i found the meat wayyy too tough and overcooked. it was so rubber-like for 1 duck leg although slightly better for the other one. but by then i was so turned off by the elastic meat that i’d lost my appetite. if i had been hungrier, i would’ve definitely complained and get the dish replaced but i didn’t want to waste food since i was already super duper full.

i’d recommend it still for the crispy duck skin haha and maybe if you’re lucky, you won’t get an overcooked duck leg like we did.


us with the dessert!

Crème Brulée: bergamot (Earl Grey tea) x 2 and amaretto-griottine x 1

attas french names aside, amaretto actually means dark cherry OMG AND WE BOTH HATE DARK CHERRY. it tastes exactly like the fake cherries you find on cheapo birthday cakes and i absolutely hate the saccharine taste!!! we were literally thinking “oh shit…..” when we put a spoonful of creme brulee into our mouths.

so absolutely NO DON’T ORDER THE AMARETTO!!!!


the earl grey, on the other hand, was actually very nice! and luckily we decided not to risk it with the other flavours since reviews have warned us from getting flavours like dark chocolate and vanilla bean. so out of the 3 flavours we could choose, 2 of them were earl grey.

but to be honest again, the creme brulee wasn’t very well done at all. the torched caramel crust was too thick and almost solid enough to serve as the surface of the new skating rink at jcube mall. again, hazardous when you actually smash through the layer and try to put the shards of caramel into your mouth. kids should not be allowed to eat these things man…

i’ve tasted better creme brulee, even though it was homemade and doesn’t cost $18…

sadly, the variety of desserts to choose from were quite limited. words like “praline”, “pistachio”, “lemon” and “wild strawberries” made me exclude 5 out of the 8 available desserts, and cost (required us to top up $8 or $12) had me exclude the other two.

le bistrot really needs to take a leaf out of Antionette and work on their dessert menu man. a meal is never complete without awesome dessert!


the only perks about Le Bistrot, cost-wise, is the fact that they don’t charge GST. but otherwise, the meal amounted to $118 for both of us. in my opinion, it was really a bit too much spend on such lacklustre french food. but i’m really thankful for such a dining experience anyway (: in life, one must try all kinds of things!

thanks jeremy for being the best! despite his sheer dislike to get behind the wheel, he actually figured that driving was the fastest way to travel there from marine drive and so the car ride really saved me from stumbling around torturously on public transport with my heels 😀

here were a couple of pictures we took by the stadium waterfront

where dragon boaters and canoeists train like mad and get sunburnt

i really had to squat down unglamorously in my dress in order to take this shot. sigh, sacrifices....

wearing an ASOS dress that was left in the relatively untouched "dressing up" section of my wardrobe for ages


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  1. looking beeeauuutiful, my dear! love the asos dress (:


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