FYP, poster-ed!

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deriving immense joy in clutching something i've been waiting to print and be done with for a whole year

after months and months of hard work (though perhaps the lab people will question the truth of that statement), i am FINALLY in Sunshine plaza, printing my FYP into a poster for display!…..but not after waiting 1 hour because the uncle kept getting distracted by this annoying science boy who kept insisting on multiple copies of his poster to be printed because there seemed to be something wrong with each of the printouts.

this marks the absolute end in my journey as a fourth year and i’m so thankful for the relatively smooth sailing year despite getting my 8th project choice in the selection process. to be honest, i don’t think i would’ve wanted to do any other project than the one i have done.

i’m just so relieved that all of this is over and i can finally finally breath, but only for a day or two because finals are coming up in 2 weeks.

the people vying for the coveted As and A+s can go fight amongst themselves. just give me a B+ for FYP and i’d be happy haha!


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