a very french weekend part I

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i’m so thankful for the amazing weekend that just passed. i swear the only reason that i stomach one weekday after another is so that it gets me to the weekend!!

we dropped by Antoinette at Scarlet hotel on Saturday to satisfy the craving that i had for The Antoinette, which is the one thing you should try after having queued for a ridiculously long time for a seat.

however, the Scarlet hotel branch is extremely teeny and more suited for takeaways rather than dining in actually. it seats about a maximum of 15 to 20 people although the latter would make for a very claustrophobic club-like situation. and luckily for us, it was very quiet on that Saturday evening. most probably having dealt with the brunch crowd a long time ago, and that nobody really eats tea at 6pm haha.

i’ll skip to pictures of the beautifully crafted desserts! it’s amazing how consistent their pastry chefs are with creating these works of art that taste so good at the same time!


Salted Caramel Religieuse

this is some cream puff that is salted caramel flavoured although all i can think off is how it doesn’t taste like a char siew bun HAHA looks like a chinese-ish bun leh!! anyway i’m not a big fan of salted caramel so i found this unimpressive despite having it a second time.


the ultimate dessert-gasm: Antoinette

this tops my list as favourite dessert of all time, overtaking Sun with Moon’s Matcha Parfait (which reminds me, i need to go eat it again soon!)

bursting the silicone implant-like thing at the top oozes out cranberry sauce that you can smear over the cake for that contrast of sweet (earl grey plus rich chocolate) and sour.


Le Royale

the others felt that this was a so-so chocolate cake that doesn’t quite match up to other well known chocolate cakes, for example, Rive Gauche. the chocolate is so rich that it can get pretty ge-lat if you are greedy and refuse to share with friends. although, the five of us sharing got pretty sick of it quite fast and abandoned it halfway. nonetheless, nothing spectacular about this that would make me want to pop by Antoinette for a second round of this in future.


we didn’t order tea and strangely, the service staff (only 2 of them running that small little shop) didn’t even pop by to serve us water. needless to say, we were so thirsty from all that chocolate that it prickled our throats and threatened to give us a sore throat :/

imma be back for more Antoinette in future! maybe i shall try the one at Penhas road to complete the holy trinity of my Antoinette pilgrimage hahaha!

coming up soon, a blogpost about my Le Bistrot experience!


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