tiger time at wavehouse

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sorry for the lack of updates!

was just done with oral defence 2 yesterday and i’m really glad that it went okay. if only i could say the same about the driving test that i failed the month before :/ the second attempt is coming up on april 16 and i’m full of nerves thinking about the horror that would accompany failing a second time around ):

anyhow, i was at the tiger Live it Up event at Wavehouse Sentosa yesterday after p2 because jeremy had scored us a pair of free invites. who could possibly resist free flow beer for 2 hours?

wassat lining the edges of the pool?

tiger original and tiger crystal, which i prefer because it's lighter

love the concept of how they displayed the free-flow beer, making sure it's always ICE COLD

and ICE COLD was really helpful that afternoon because the afternoon sun was blazing mercilessly upon us, and silly me hasn’t been to the beach in such a long time that i completely forgot to bring sunscreen :O definitely lost a couple of months’ whitening effort.

perfect weather for a beach party!

the free landyard we received functions as a beer bottle opener as well, how innovative!

being interviewed by various cameras at least 4 different times because of the smallish crowd that turned up for the party

with jeremy's pals!

local band 53A entertained us with pretty awesome acoustic covers. loved their "club can't handle me" cover! who knew you could replicate it with 3 guitars and a box?

wearing Love Bonito's Palmer skirt, from their most recent spring collection πŸ˜€ love the aztec details and the colours of course!

thanks for bringing me to unwind with free beer after an intense saturday morning πŸ˜€

ON A BRIGHT NOTE, FYP IS FINALLY OVER πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ (poster doesn’t count because i’m quite sure i ain’t gonna win the top prizes :P)


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