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hung out with the girls after school today at 15 minutes, which is located at 1 McNally Street, on level 1 of the new La Selle college.

absolutely love the open-concept building!

what a cool way to provide shelter!

i really liked the La Selle campus! despite being mostly sheltered, the place is illuminated with bright, natural daylight. and the modern architectural design of everything from the glass paneled classrooms, to the innovative push & pull door (as you will see in a bit) and the synthetic grass patch that people can actually plonk their butts on and chill in the cool shade (unlike a certain utown).

taking photo with the push & pull door like total noobs and being judged by la selle students haha

taken from the inside of the cafe, hence the reversed words

the cafe's name, based on the andy warhol quote

becky and me

when we arrived at 15 minutes at around 5 plus, the place was still a cafeteria of sorts and you’d have to go up to the counter to place your order. after which, they give you a buzzer to alert you when your food is ready to be collected.

they were having $5 housepours, wine and half pint draft beer, so we each enjoyed an ice cold beer over dinner, yumz!

if i'm not wrong, it was Heineken, and i decided that i don't like Heineken :/

the Mango Waldorf salad $7.50, which is served in an ikea jar! how innovative!

however, i think maybe the jar idea isn’t that great for mixing the salad because you have to stick your whole fork in and make some feeble attempts to mix the ingredients and the sauce together. luckily we are trained pharmacy students, so becky had no problem giving us a uniformly-mixed salad that tasted super awesome!

did not taste any mango whatsoever though and we suspect that we may have had a tuna salad instead of what we ordered. upon googling the ingredients of the salad, i think it was the combination of the yoghurt sauce and chicken breast that made the meat taste like tuna. but i swear there was still no mango in there.

Pepperoni Pizza, $7.90

Asian Duck Pizza, $7.90

i preferred the duck pizza to the pepperoni one because i’m a big fan of duck, ever since being introduced to the mouth-watering black pepper smoked duck from cold storage. i found the Pepperoni pizza a tad bit normal, and perhaps not as nice as the one at Pepperoni’s.

the thin crust pizza wasn’t very easy to cut into at the edges because it was way too hard. and for $7.90, the serving size is at best only enough for 1 famished person or 2 anorexic people. alternatively, you can order sides, like we did!

cheese fries $3.80 were very disappointing because for some reason, we couldn't taste the cheese at all...

perhaps don’t order the cheese fries huh.

nonetheless, 15 minutes is worth a shot the next time you’re around bras basah area! i’d definitely want to try more of their salads the next time i go back. was never really a salad person but the delicious combination of sauces they used makes the vegetables much more palatable to a meat-lover like me.

overall, we paid about $14 per person for a full and satisfying dinner (:

with becky and suelynn

taken at the synthetic "field", amongst the crowd of students chilling nearby

strong arms are the pre-requisite to camwhore on a dslr

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