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Wicked was the first ever broadway musical that i ever had the joy of attending, since we had trouble getting broadway tickets in NYC- Wicked costs US$150 there since there were no rush tickets, and the other musicals i had not much interest in the storyline or watched it before on video (Cats).

anyhow, it definitely didn’t disappoint at all!

it was also my first time watching anything at the MBS Theatres, and wow the place is really nice, although they should really build more toilets for women. i almost didn’t make it back after the intermission because of the dreadfully long queues.

we bought 1-for-1 tickets from a paypal promotion that was appearing on banners along the Circle line MRTs, and normally the cynic in me would dismiss such an attraction promotion as a hoax. so thankfully for jeremy’s perseverance in taking advantage of good deals where good deals exist, he scanned in the QR code from the banner, purchased our tickets online and got us front row seats of Category D for $51.50 (instead of $103 per ticket) each!

the seat elevation of the theatre wasn’t too bad on the second level, so i did get a good top view from where i was sitting, except for a silly safety railing that was right in front of me and i had to lean forward a lot just to get an unobstructed view. the angmohs on our right were smart to move to the empty seats in Cat C after the intermission, and i wish it had occurred to me to move!

Elphaba the Green and Glinda the Good

before the show, i had absolutely no idea what the storyline was. blame it on the endless amounts of tests and FYP shit. but i wiki-ed and read it over dinner so i had a better idea of what was going on.

i absolutely loved the vocals of Glinda (Suzie Mathers)! so disney princess-like and impossibly able to reach all the highest notes audible to the human ear (and even maybe some that aren’t).

here’s a video on how Elphaba (Jemma Rix) gets greened! she actually is really pretty huh!

but prettiest of all has to be Nessarose (Elisa Colla)!!! who caught my eye from all the way at Cat D and looks even better from the screen of my MBP haha! super super pretty. she looks like a clean and skinner version of Michelle Tratchenberg without all the gothic eyeliner.

i absolutely loved the storyline and i wish secondary school literature let us do plays like these instead of boring Arthur Miller’s A View from the Bridge.

wearing love bonito's alethea dress again to wicked 😀

bad angle of the shot but oh well, you can probably guess that it was W that didn't make it thanks to my butt

also wearing my Paperself lashes to get into the magical mood 😛

if you haven’t watched Wicked, i’d highly recommend you to catch it before it ends on 22nd April!!! i have so much respect for the actors and actresses who work so hard day after day for a few months, even on weekends and public holidays. it’s really not easy to star in a Broadway musical man.

now i kinda wish i had gone for the Rocky Horror Musical when it came to Singapore last year…damn!


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  1. Hi, do u happen to be selling ur lovebonito alethea dress? Do lmk(:


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