Sabon body scrub

one of the best beauty products that i found in NYC is this

Sabon's Body Scrub in Lavender Apple

i’m usually not a regularly user (or rather, a user at all) of body scrubs, because imma lazy person. it takes quite abit of effort and diligence to adhere to a once-a-fortnight veeting, much less having to spend extra 5 minutes in the shower twice a week just to exfoliate.

i first came to know about Sabon when mel and clement came back to our apartment one night and began proclaiming about the miraculous properties of this said body scrub. being curious (plus which Singaporean would pass up on the chance for a free handwash with some luxury scrubs?), we decided to enter their branch at Bryant park’s holiday market to have a look.

their shops assistants so enthusiastically offered to scrub our hands the moment we walked in. all of their shops are equipped with this vintage-looking wash basin that kinda reminds me of a fountain from someone’s courtyard. we had to choose between fruity or floral scents, following which, we sniffed out our favourite one out of either the fruity or floral lot of scents and start the scrubbing process.

after 15 seconds of scrubbing the bath salt onto my arms, i was instructed to wash it off with water and immediately, i feel like i just received a skin graft from a baby’s smooth backside. i am not exaggerating! even jeremy,  a big cynic of the whole cosmetic industry, noted that the scrub really made our arms smoother!

the main ingredients are Dead Sea Salt, Soybean oil and Sweet Almond oil. i have a feeling that the obsession and influx of shops selling dead sea salt products by aggressive accosting angmohs (AAAs) got their original idea from Sabon. but the difference is that with Sabon, people don’t have to be accosted to give the scrubs a try.

omgosh i couldn’t stop molesting my arms the whole day. at the end of the day, i went back to get a tub of it for US$30. the kind Sabon people bubble-wrapped it for me because they knew we were tourists and half the plane ride back, i was kinda worried that my scrub wouldn’t make it back in 1 piece.

we were also told that the scrub supposedly helps with skin conditions, like eczema. but when i asked if applying it on an active bout of eczema would help, the shop assistant sheepishly corrected herself and said that it should only be used when there isn’t any broken skin or flared eczema. hahaha though honestly, the baseline occurrence rate of my eczema hasn’t been reduced by this at all.

it, however, helped a lot with the dry skin that normally plagues my elbows! haha my mum always complains that my elbows are dry, black and ugly because i am lazy to exfoliate them. but not anymore haha!

anyhow, i also couldn’t resist buying the spoon for scooping up the salt for US$1

of course, because of scarcity of resources, i only use it once a week. i can’t ship it in either because 1) it’s 600g a tub, 2) free USA shipping requires me to get 5 tubs, and 3) vpost has an anal prohibition on liquid-containing items.

after 2 months, i’m down to half a tub and i’m starting to feel nervous thinking about the dark dark days when my scrub should run out……


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