horseplay on a weekday

i had lunch with the girls at Rider’s Cafe today. we wanted to try the eggs ben there because it’s supposedly comparable to the one at Wild Honey, which is my favourite to date.

unfortunately, their breakfast menu ends at 11am on weekdays )))): and we missed it by 2 hours. so we ordered lunch from the lunch menu instead.

getting to Rider’s Cafe is a bit of a hassle if you don’t drive. we met at Botanic Gardens MRT and took a 7 minute cab into Fairways Drive that cost us about $6 total. getting out of the place later was a little more tedious if you want to save on the cab booking fee. it was a 15 minutes walk out onto the main road, and another $6 cab ride to Botanic Gardens MRT.

but oh well, i still think it’s worth it to take the extra bit of effort to travel to interesting places like this one, instead of hanging out at the usual boring town all day, everyday. although i would recommend not to attempt to geh-lek there in stilettos if you are not intending to drive or book a cab.

darn i just realized i forgot to order the truffle mushroom soup

love the ambience of the cafe, despite having no air-con and getting aromatic wafts of horse manure from the nearby stables in between bites of your food

becky's mocha latte!

mag ordered a Vanilla Chai Latte (not pictured) for the first time (suelynn’s recommendation), which upon receiving, she felt like she’d seen it somewhere before. and i knew exactly what she meant, because we’ve both played BAKERY STORY!! HAHAHAHA!

in fact, it looked so good to me in bakery story that i went to order a chai tea latte from coffee bean, which sucked balls and tasted like some herbal concoction for flatulence. so i’ve been pretty traumatized about chai tea. but apparently the Rider’s Cafe one is really good and i will totally order that on my next trip there, which i have a feeling will be within the week LOL.

Crab Salad Roll with Brioche Bread, Baby Cos, Gherkin, Avocado & Seasoned Fries, $17

Riders Burger with Rocket, Brie, Relish, Bacon & Seasoned Fries, $17

i ordered the Rider’s Burger, which came with an overflowing pile of fries ZOMG! and silly me told the waiter that we’d like to have “Checkup and Killi” oh gosh…..

i had my beef medium well and it was just the right level of tenderness without being too raw-tasting. i had no complaints about the burger, except that the stealthy pickles didn’t look like regular pickles and i kept accidentally eating them, yucks!

the fries, however, were very hard and difficult to pick up with my fork. i’m a total soggy fries lover so needless to say, i only managed to stomach half the load of fries.

photobombing waiter at the back! grrr

we managed to sneak into the stables, when a delivery van unlocked the gates to go in, and went to look at horsies!

hello horsie!

scary stallion with a frightening stare and a even scarier male anatomy

we wanted to have dessert at Marmalade Pantry but it was closeddddd before 3pm ):

at botanic gardens entrance! it was wayy too hot today to be enjoying some relaxing time at the park

had such an awesome time today! 😀 i think i’ll go back on saturday for the brunch HA HA!


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