a bagelling good time

the last and final recess week of my uni life has started! we got the ball rolling by having a picnic at the bukit timah end of botanic gardens, since it’s only just 10 minutes away from my house thanks to circle line 😀

the entrance to botanic gardens is right outside exit A, the one and only exit of the station, so you wouldn't get lost 😀

it's quite amazing how this is the first time in my life that i've been to the bukit timah side of botanic gardens!

we initially had plans to have lunch there but the afternoon showers kinda ruined our plans. instead, we had the picnic lunch we had at my place.

black pepper smoked duck from cold storage: $3.95 for 1 pc. IT IS SO TENDER AND TASTY! all you have to do is slice it up and toast it for 3-5 minutes to warm it up and it's good to go!

we had that by itself, along with a plain bagel with philadelphia cream cheese spread on top of it since we were craving for bagels with cream cheese every since that trip to philly in december.

fruit salad that i made: korean strawberries, blueberries, canned lychees, and sliced fuji apple


when the weather improved in the evening, we decided to head down for a teatime garden picnic.

except instead of tea, we had pink Moscato HAHA!

very easy to drink, especially if you're into sweet wines

nycbagelfactory's bagel crisps with tangy herb, and philadelphia cream cheese on top of it

i never knew nycbagelfactory was that good! i always assumed it was processed and therefore, terrible tasting. you can find their packed bakery products at cold storage! though the plain bagel we had earlier for lunch was so-so only


saw lots of cute dogs, cute babies (damn you biological clock), and an angmoh dude posing awkwardly for a fashion photoshoot by the pondside- i wonder for which men’s magazine!

hee hee love wayfarers so much i made jeremy buy one which had wooden temple arms. and then i kope! HA HA!

i was surprised that it was pretty quiet and peaceful day at the park despite it being a weekend

wearing LB's oasis pleat maxi skirt out for the first time!

mainly because it’s too damn tight and suffocating so i’d always change out into something else. but i made an exception today and i realized that i can only tolerate wearing this as long as its before a meal. sigh, the lengths girls go for the sake of fashion……


the next week of holiday is so so precious. soon, i wont even be able to get a designated week off for 9 months unless i take it from the precious 14 days of leave that i have for pre-reg. so despite the heap of projects and assignments to complete, i will try my best not to complain and just enjoy the fact that i have the week off.


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