vday 2012: presents by the hour

i’d be lying if i hadn’t thought about keeping things “simple” this year just because i was too lazy to think of something epic to do for Valentine’s day. hahaha in fact, 1 week ago, i still had no idea what i was going to come up with for feb 14th.

but then the lazy bum that i was decided to wake up my idea and trawl the net for some really good suggestions of what to do for valentine’s. the choice of search terms are very crucial of course. half an hour of research later searching “valentine’s day crafts”, i came across this brilliant website and knew that it was definitely what i had to do this year to make it special.

i LOVE presents!!!!! and while i love giving them, i enjoy receiving presents even more 😛 so i blatantly shared with jeremy the concept of gifts by the hour, hoping that he’d buy into it and we can have an enjoyable evening of present exchanging every hour!

the thing about vday by the hour is that the gifts don’t have to be extravagant at all. in fact, all my gifts are either handmade or cost less than $10.

the creator of this idea had gifts prepared every hour for the whole day! of course, 1 week was a little too tight to get started on 7 hours of presents, let alone 24. so we only started from 514pm (the time we met) until 1114pm.

let’s get the ball rolling with the pictures from today!

all laid out, just waiting for the countdown to the 14th minute of each hour!

❤ 3rd vday and counting!


5:14 PM

at 5:14pm, my gift to him: post-its!

and his 5:14pm present to me! although i saw it the moment we met, which was wayyy earlier than 5:14pm hee hee!

our vday meal

the most annoying thing about vday is the absolutely rip-off set meals they offer in restaurants on the day, and the fact that you’d have to make a reservation ages before or risk spending half your evening queueing up at a place that doesn’t take reservations.

so we stuck with our favourite jap restaurant of all time: Ichiban Boshi, and had their affordable Gyu Steak Gozen set meal ($25.90) which was more than enough to fill our stomachs the whole night despite having an early dinner.

no need for reservations, restaurant was quiet and peaceful, and the staff made miniature roses with crepe paper on toothpicks just for us!


6:14 PM

his present to me: hand painted acrylic art, entitled "Heart", which he picked up an interest in after our trip to museums in NYC haha

i gave him a bunch of coupons to use! included things like “a free get-out-of-argument pass” and “permission to drag me to jog with you at ecp” hahaha


7:14 PM

his present to me: mini macaroons of chocolate, salted caramel, champagne and earl grey (:

my present to him: a daiso photoframe and our brooklyn bridge photo


8:14 PM

my present to him: a muji container to organize his hundreds of shades! (pic wass taken with my shades as an example of its use)

his present to me: intaxes of us taken earlier on in the day


9:14 PM

a korean faceshop mask for me from his stash, after mine depleted recently!

my present to him: canvases for him to use for his acrylic artwork 😀

11:14 PM

his present to me: beer! because i was craving for one the past week haha

and mine to him was a card to end the day off with a heartfelt message (:


such an eventful feb 14 this year! ❤ thank you jeremy for making it so special 😀


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  2. Such a cool idea! Except my boyfriend would never have taken the hint and think to do it haha!

  3. interesting concept and you 2 are a great looking couple..stay in love!!


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