Advertorial: Dr Young Pore Eraser HD Powder

the truth is, it is pretty difficult to maintain flawless make-up throughout the day. most of us don’t have the luxury of time or the place (some toilets can be really unbearable to do your business in, much less remain in there to touch up your make-up in such unsanitary conditions).

and then by the end of the day, you would’ve gone home and realized that your face is oily enough to see your mirror reflection in, and you secretly hope that none of your friends were using your face to check for runny eyeliner at dinner just now.

maybe it’s just me, but i also dont have the habit of touching up make-up, especially foundation. it’s like piling more stuff on top of a face that badly needs a good scrub and air to breathe.

sometimes i do use oil blotting sheets, and it does work, but only for a short while before my face starts to shine a little while later.

so i was really glad to receive this product from the people at Beauty Bistro!

Dr Young Pore Eraser HD Powder, SG$37.90

comes with a cute powder puff 😀

micro-particle powder comes out of the little holes!

this ultra fine powder really packs a punch because it helps to control and reduce sebum production without clogging up pores at the same time!

it also contains 3  herbal extracts:

Witch Hazel extract, which has astringent-properties to prevent irritation, which of course, is the trigger to horrible breakouts.

Rosemary extract also help to control sebum production.

Sage extract shrinks pores and recovers damaged skin.

finally, it has a combination of lemon, grapefruit and rose essential oils which not only protect skin, they brighten and moisturize it too!

definitely one helluva multi-tasking powder!

blending it is really quick and easy because the powder is so fine! after patting it on, it leaves a very light and barely-there finish, which is great news especially if you are a BB cream or liquid foundation user!

patting it on after the foundation step

specks of the pore powder, that blend in very quickly once you give it a few more pats with the powder puff

you can use it in different ways too:

1. use it as a substitute for oil blotters

even though i do enjoy looking at how much oil i can blot in one sitting, other people looking on might not get the same kick out of watching you soaking up the sheet unglamorously.

using the Pore Eraser, however, is totally glam because it comes in a little pot that you can bring everywhere you go because it’s so compact and light! get rid of excess sebum in the middle of the day, simply, by patting the powder onto your face!

2. natural, make-up free look

maybe you’re just heading for supper with some friends at a hawker centre, where everyone will be too focused on eating the good food instead of focusing on how many blemishes you have.

use the Pore Eraser powder instead of foundation. it will give you a matte, flawless skin and maybe that will distract your guy friends so that you can eat a larger share of the carrot cake tee hee!

3. as a make-up primer

think of it as an oil blotter that you can have on the whole day without a blue film hanging onto your face and blocking your vision 😛 use it after you apply foundation, and before the rest of the eye and cheek make-up goes on. you’ll have longer lasting make-up and a flawless complexion to add!

the Pore Eraser Powder works for ALL skin types too woopee!! it only varies in terms of the frequency of application and areas you use it on.

and my verdict?

love it because:

– the tub of powder is so light and easy to carry around in my everyday beauty bag. need i also add that i can do away with using unglamorous oil blotters?

– it does leave my skin matte, soft and smooth (like baby’s backside haha)!

– it’s light and almost inexistent when i put it on top of my foundation. love products that are lightweight because i don’t want my pores to clog up!


– it doesn’t have concealing power for blemishes and seems to work solely for oil control.

– the pore concealing effect wasn’t very obvious for me. perhaps because the powder was too lightweight, or that my pores weren’t very obvious to begin with?

– the nice white powder puff tends to gradually turn brown after awhile, no thanks to constant patting it on top of your foundation, which slightly bothers the OCD in me 😛

finally, a picture to prove that the pore powder is amazing at oil control!


the left side of my face is where i had the pore powder on, while the right side of my face had only foundation without pore powder.

4 hours later, the right side of my face is obviously shinier than the left. on the other hand, the latter side of my face remains smooth and matte even after walking around in the hot and humid Singapore weather!

what are yall waiting for? toss out the oil blotters and get the Pore Eraser Powder at the newly revamped Beauty Bistro’s website here:

be the first 100 customers to make a purchase on their website and you get $5 off your purchase, which means that the pore eraser is only going to cost you ONLY $32.90 😀

alternatively, you can check them out at their facebook page ( or follow them on twitter ( 😀

happy shopping!!!


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