NYC day 6

pardon my lack of updates recently. all that CNY feasting and having to squeeze in time for schoolwork and  cruel fyp has left me with no time to finish up my series of NYC posts!

day 6 was the coldest so far in our trip, with temperatures ranging from 6 to -3 degC (although we came to another day that was -2 to 2 degC) and the first item on our day itinerary was a visit to the High Line.

the High Line is a park that was constructed over an old railway after people petitioned against its demolition.  the park oversees the NY cityscape, but it’s definitely from a much lower view compared if you were to stand on the top of the Empire State Building.

walking path built on the actual railway tracks

my favourite picture from the High Line 😀


lunch was at Chelsea Market, where we had Shrimp Bisque from Hale and Heart, which pwns any old Soup Spoon soup there is on the menu!!! it’s a pity that it ain’t cheap- a combo meal of a soup + wrap/salad would cost you close to US$10.

the perfect combination of sweet, salty and tasty without the MSG

my craving from proscuitto ham (ever since that heaenly proscuitto eggs ben from Wild Honey in August 2011) was also satisfied with a proscuitto crepe from Bar Suzette creperie, another food stall at Chealsea Market.

i quite like Chelsea market although i wouldn’t say that it’s a cheap place to grab food at. besides, we found that Hale and Hearty has other branches, one of which was just a 10 min walk from our apartment, so there was no need to make a trip back to Chelsea market for shrimp bisque. unfortunately though, we never ever got to drink shrimp bisque soup again because the other Hale and Hearty didn’t have that on the menu for that day ))))))):

post-lunch and most of the afternoon was SHOPPING 😀 😀 :D! i found my Toms (the most comfortable covered shoes in the whole wide world) at Urban Outfitters, and persuaded naggy Jeremy to let me buy (with my own money -.-) another pair of shoes, this time oxfords at Aldo.

so happy with my buys!!!! 😀

we met mel and clem for dinner at Kanka, a famous jap restaurant at Astor Street, for authentic japanese food.

if you were feeling particularly adventurous for kinky food, here is the place to be man!

Buta Kimchi

Yakiniku Udon

Chicken Yakitori

us at dinner!


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