NYC day 4

i’d been absolutely deprived from all forms of shopping on the first 3 days of coming to NYC because firstly of the eve of the eve of Xmas, where it is impossible to squeeze with the crowds buying last minute Xmas presents. and then the eve of Xmas, where shops close at 6pm, and Xmas day itself, where not a single soul is opened for business.

hence, boxing day and the anticipation of the post-xmas sale got be really excited and out of bed early to begin striking things off my to-get list!

i had a few places i needed to go to and we planned it such that we’d find all of them in the same area. because NY is so huge, it’s practically impossible to find everything all in the same place unlike Orchard Road or City Hall in Singapore.

so we spent the morning at SoHo getting all my shopping done

L'occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream 1 for US$10

tried to find this in a set of 3 but they were completely sold out everywhere! so i picked 2 out of the 3 which were my favourites: dessert rose (pink) and hibiscus (orange). loving the texture of it so much more compared to the other l’occitane hand creams i have. it’s midway between toothpaste and soft cream without being too diluted or stiff. although when it was in NY, we had a hard time spreading it on our hands because the cream kinda froze up in the subzero weather.

L'occitane Shea butter foot cream, US $26

i swear by this foot cream! i dont even use it everyday and it still keeps my feet soft and the cracked heels away!

also satisfied my Sephora cravings by spending US$100+ on Benefit’s Cha Cha Tint, Urban Decay Naked palette, Urban Decay primer potion for the eye (FREAKING MAGIC and i’d recommend it to anyone) and Benefit’s Pore-fessional (which i later returned even after using it for a few days and got my money back. love the cosmetic exchange policy in the US!)

UD Primer Potion, US$29

for lunch, we took the subway to Shake Shack at Madison Avenue. i first saw it in a scene from Something Borrowed, which featured their flagship al-fresco restaurant, and i bugged Jeremy to bring me there!

seemed like a nice chill place to enjoy burgers and the company of a handsome dude

but i forgot the most important thing when dining out in an al-fresco area: the weather

it was maybe 7 degrees (but felt like 0 degrees) and we had to queue 30 minutes to get our burgers. and luckily they set up heating lamps at the seating area so after camping for some koreans to leave, i managed to get us a seat right under the lamp. never appreciated heat until now.

even then, i was still freezing and as such, wasn’t able to enjoy the milkshake which they’re supposed to be famous for.

The Shake Shack menu

the Shack Stack, Cheese Fries, and the Shack Attack milkshake

the fried ball in between the bread is a ball of thick, melted cheese and sliced portobello mushrooms. it is just heavenly i tell you! although the second time i had this, it felt too overpoweringly fried and cruelly reminding of my Hypertension notes.

every year, people die from drinking this on a regular basis

the milkshake was abit too rich and sweet for my liking. i guess the American diet doesn’t suit my tastebuds too well.

i almost look blue from being frozen


after lunch, took a walk down to the Museum of Sex, and on the way there, we came across the Flatiron

spectacular architecture

at the museum of sex! tee hee!

we went in to look-see and basically it’s everything kinky and banned from public displays in Singapore unless you’re brave enough to enter a dodgy shop at lucky plaza with neon signs that are begging people to label you as ‘PERVERT!!!’.

karma sutras no matter what your sexual orientation is

cute souvenirs for your bros. come to think of it, why didnt i get any for them!

the rest of the evening was spent at downtown Brooklyn area, where we went to the A&F store at Water Street hoping that they’d at least have some sale. but they didnt ):

in fact, all the stores we went to don’t have Boxing Day sales at all. i guess Boxing Day is to the British what Black Friday is to the Americans. and you only need 1 day like that a year otherwise people will die.

nonetheless, i still bought a plaid shirt from A&F at full price. although we went back to our apartment and online shopped on their website, which had 50% off storewide :P, taking the $25 next day shipping because we were afraid that it may not reach us in time, but it did (:

the A&F culture is really amusing. that was the first time i ever walked into an A&F store and i am greeted by a shirtless dude saying “hey…how’s it going” in his surfer dude drawl of a voice. quite pity him actually because he gets a blast of the cold winter air every time the doors open at the entrance

the hot model-like staff are usually placed near the entrance and around the stores. they barely do much clothes folding- that is left to the regular staff, who can be distinguished as having average looks and height. some of the regular staff also rotate between clothes folding, to dancing at random spots to the A&F soundtrack of the month (bloody irritating i feel sorry that they have to hear it on loop for a whole month) using a set of same dance moves, and one person will be designated the perfume dude and he literally walks around the store spritzing Fierce at areas that don’t smell Fierce enough.

add that to a dimly lit setting, with loud blasting music, it makes it almost impossible to find the clothes you are looking for unless the layout of the store is good. even then, the tops you pick out turn out to be a different colour when you try them on under good lighting in the change room. HAHAHA

the plaid top i bought from the store smelt of Fierce even after several days of wearing it. every time i leave an A&F store, my entire nasopharynx feels saturated with Fierce, to the point that i am exhaling it from my nose. Fierce can seriously be considered for its application in modern biological warfare man.

nonetheless, i have become a shameless fan of the cult label although i will never buy anything from the Singapore store, after knowing that i can get a shirt for 1/4 of the price (SG$30) on an online sale event.


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