the biggest and most rewarding buys out of my NYC holiday loot was my Amazon Kindle Keyboard Wifi. i was thinking about getting the kindle for the longest time but wanted to wait until i was in the US, instead of shipping it into Singapore and paying extra costs for shipping.

to be honest, i’ve always been one to enjoy physical books much more than an ebook. turning the pages is never quite the same on an ebook.but i’ve realized that carrying a book around with me is cumbersome because i risk damaging the delicate pages when i leave the book in my bag. the OCD in me also dislikes the effect of wrinkling the spine when i read a paperback, or pages that turn yellow and stinky with time, or silverfish that starts to infest my books that have spent some time on the shelves. and after awhile, i simply dont have the space to keep that many books without wanting to chuck them out because they get so old and dusty.


on the last couple of days in NYC, we went to Staples (which is like their Harvey Norman) and bought me my kindle! i was short of cash so i was glad for Jeremy to be my (temporary) cash sponsor, just so i could save a couple more bucks from paying the higher exchange rate if i had used a credit card.

the Kindle Keyboard cost me $107.79 USD after tax. i got the wifi version (3G is not supported outside of US) with the special offers (which is essentially sponsored screen-savers that are harmless and don’t interrupt reading).


before buying, doing research about owning a Kindle was essential. thank goodness the only 2 other people we knew whom owned Kindles were running on the same timezone as us. so we managed to have a bunch of Kindle-noob questions answered 0n the spot. things like how to download books, and even where to get the free ones.

the amazing matte quality of the screen

in fact, it was the matte screen that first caught my attention. i saw someone on the train with a kindle (not the Kindle fire duh) and it amazed me to see a device attain the matte surface that is almost non-existent in a world of glossy screens and diamond screen protectors to enhance its glossiness. this appealed to me so much more compared with reading something on the iPad.

it's glare-free quality ensures you are still able to enjoy a good read while tanning on the beach

the home page, which lists your books, and my 100 drugs pdf HAHA

the 1 drawback: it tells you the location number rather than the page number

this is necessary because as you increase the size of the font, the pages would change. and it would be completely redundant to be on the same page 1 for 4 flips of the kindle ebook.

true, the Kindle Keyboard is unable to do much except store books and some other documents (pdf, doc) for the sole purpose of reading. but it’s long battery life is another pro: a daily-used Kindle can go for 1 month without charging! how long can your iPad last if you lost the charger? even a week is hard to achieve with all the high-power functions you’ll be using it for.

another plus factor is that the screen never ever dims, and flipping through the pages (although is not as realistic compared to the iPad), is alot easier with the side buttons. because when you are on a crowded train and only have 1 hand on your Kindle, you’re still able to flip the page without lifting the other hand and accidentally caressing someone’s behind.


and why it’s named Karlton? i named it for the same reason my camera is named Ritz: to save our future sons from inheriting one of Jeremy’s crazy ideas to name his children after hotels (they will thank me for it, i’m sure). and i swapped the C for a K so it’s called “Karlton the Kindle” 😛

owning a Kindle is easy if you’ve done enough research. this link teaches you how to buy books off Amazon.com, a problem for non-US users because the Kindle is not supported.

however, we’ve found a place where books are even more accesible and no torrenting is required 😉 let’s just say that if i manage to download 10 books, i’d be able to cover the cost of my kindle.


right now, i’m completely hooked onto Hunger Games, and i’d totally recommend it because it’s a fantastic read despite it being written for teenagers. i know you severely distrust me after my love for the Twilight book series but many people have read Hunger Games and i was referred to it by a good few sensible adults. so i assure you, it’s worth reading! besides, the movie comes out in March so there’s plenty of time for you to finish the first book before then!

Hunger Games is about a future America that is now called Panum and is rulled by Capitol (an advance section of the country where all the rich and privileged people live), while the rest of the country is divided into districts and function to serve the needs of the Capitol. to remind the districts of where their place is in the social hierarchy, the Capitol organizes a yearly event called the Hunger Games, where tributes (1 boy and 1 girl from ages 12 to 18) from each district are sacrificed to fight against each other in a battle arena until 1 winner emerges. and i’m surprised at how dark this supposed teenage book is because by fighting, they mean fighting to the death.

omg this trailer gives me the same anticipating chills as i do when i watch trailers for Harry Potter and heh heh for Twilight!!! CANT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE IN MARCH!!!!


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  1. Hello there,

    i just got my kindle keyboard recently and was just wondering how else can i download ebooks other than from amazon itself? Im sorry if this sounds weird cos i tried googling for some kindle ebooks information and your blog came up in the search engine.

    Thank you!



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