NYC day 3

school has completely exhausted me terrible so i will keep this post as picture heavy and words-free as possible so that i won’t have to think much.

met kaye and chunyim at chinatown for dimsum lunch!

it was xmas day, and everywhere but Chinatown was closed for the holidays. Chinese people are really clever at making money and all the dimsum restaurants had a long wait to be seated! we wanted to try the 2nd famous dimsum restaurant, but the waiting time was close to 1 hour. thankfully, Chunyim got us into Ping’s within half an hour.

food was surprisingly good, almost comparable or even better than some of the dimsum i’ve had in Singapore. it cost us about $20 per person, which is quite ok considering the amount of food we ordered!

and Kaye really shocked me (apart from her wild, streaked hair) cos she wanted to drink and asked everyone if they wanted to order beer during the meal. HAHAHAHA somebody really learnt to party in the USA.

at Bryant Park with the new mufflers i bought for $15!

having a cup of warm apple cider at Bryant Park- a must try because it's so SHIOK in the winter

kaye, whom i miss so much at school!!

super nice to chill at a park, except it would be alot better if it weren't so cold

the skating rink at Bryant park was twice as crowded as that in Kallang on a weekend. so we didn’t waste time queueing for it. besides, i was afraid that my noobness at ice-skating would be a severe obstruction in the rink.

at Junior's Cheesecake, which was the best cheesecake we could get since NYC doesn't have the famous Cheesecake factory ):

we had the Devil’s Food Cheesecake and the Strawberry Cheesecake Pie. i realized i don’t really like American cheesecake because it’s way too sweet and too heavy. i’m a bigger fan of the Japanese cheesecake, which is light and simply melts in your mouth!

one last photo before they were off!

later that night, at Times Square!

for dinner, we queued 1 hour for the original The Halal Guys’ Chicken Over Rice ($5). It counts as the best and cheapest meal of the whole trip!!! i couldn’t feel my face and all of my fingers by the time we managed to dig into the meal. and so on subsequent nights, we simply bought Chicken Over Rice from the other copycat street stalls that you can find on almost every street. to me, the difference in quality of food from the original (almost non-existent) wasn’t worth the 1 hour queue in the cold.

Chicken Over Rice, however, a must try for anyone going to NYC! they really should have one in Singapore!!


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