NYC day 2

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after sleeping away my jet lag, we were up early at 830am to vacate our apartment while the cleaning lady came and tidy the house up for the next guest. since we had until 2pm before checking into the next apartment, we decided to grab some breakfast and visit the Museum of Natural History!

artistic shot by jeremy

ordering coffee and breakfast at Momofuku Milk Bar

we chanced upon the Momofuku Milk Bar on while walking to the Museum of Natural History and i’m glad we did because this was one of the best breakfasts we’ve had in NYC!

it was located at 561 Columbus Ave and if you hadn’t paid much attention while walking past, you’d totally miss it! the nature about food places in NY that are really famous is that they’re totally inconspicuous. unlike in Singapore, where famous restaurants/cafes would have HUGEASS banners, millions of laminated newspaper articles about them or have their walls overcrowded with photos of celebrities with the owner.

took this from Yelp, and this is what the Momofuku Milk Bar storefront looks like

you wouldn't even know what it sold unless you peered into the glass windows

for breakfast, we ordered latte, macchiato, cinnamon & raisin croissant and a Bagel Bomb.

forgot that macchiato was actually an expresso shot with milk and not the size of the caramel macchiato in Starbucks

top: Bagel Bomb. bottom: cinnamon & raisin croissant

i usually hate raisins, but i sure enjoyed ones they put in the croissant because they were very soggy and sweet (contrary to the dry and sour ones that i hate), almost like jam! the bagel bomb was interesting, because there was some sort of japanese-mayo-tasting filling in the middle of it. and of course, that the bagel wasn’t actually shaped like a bagel. pity we had no internet then and couldn’t research it’s speciality, The Crack Pie. although this would have to go down on my to-eat list the very next time i’m in NYC!

love how we could just chill by the window and people watch (:

we continued our walk to the Museum of Natural History, which i’ve been so excited to visit because it’s the one museum that i’m actually interested it because i like animals!

love the blurred background haha

strangely, it looks different from the museum that Night at the Museum was shot at, and for a moment after entering, we were trying to search on our  iPhones whether we had gone into the right museum. but it was, to my relief, and i was excited to check out the enormous Trex, Rexy a little later in my tour!

we paid the student price of $19 for entrance, which includes one special exhibition, of which we chose the dinosaurs one.

i really enjoyed the Museum of Nat History because it’s like a zoo except all the animals are frozen (Taxidermy) for you to admire them, instead of having to spot them hiding in one corner or being all lazy and sleepy.

bisons, i think?


some goat

isn’t it just amazing how Taxidermist can get dead animals to be in all sorts of positions despite rigor mortis? i wonder how that works!

some saurus

i see you looking at me, like i'm some kind of freak

the smallest bone of the Brachiosaurus vs all 164.5cm of me

Brachiosaurus, the old-school giraffe

doing some fossil digging at the children's pit

this guy could accidentally stab you in the back

us and something saurus in the background

sadly did not have some gum to offer to gum-gum!

was rather disappointed by this that replaced Rexy at the entrance of the Museum ):

the blue whale at the marine exhibit, which is simply magnificent!

there was also a creepy dark exhibit showing the giant squid attacking the blue whale, or was it the other way around. it was pretty cool that scientists have never seen a giant squid alive. i wanted to take a photo of the exhibit but it creeped me out too much cos the squid was so scary and i hated that it was too close to where i was standing.

walrus chilling out

spot the cat!

we were able to finish viewing the whole museum, a first out of all the museums we had to chance to visit in this holiday. after that, we headed back to the first apartment to lug all our luggage onto the subway and to the new apartment. i really nearly died especially when i was trying to hold on to jeremy’s 50kg luggage, that was going to tip over, while he helped me carry some stuff down the stairs. it’s like me falling on top of me.

bruised hands, and aching arms, we finally got to the next apartment where clem and mel were already waiting. it’s also very small but very nicely furnished, no thanks to the owner being an architect. despite the apartment being so tiny, he found ways to maximize the space with 2 queen sized beds, a flat screen telly, walls decorated with paintings, as well as random tables and shelves decorated with various artifacts and thingums.

on the first day, we thought they were cool. by the 2nd day, we thought they were freaking zhor dang cos we kept bumping into things while trying to maneuver past all of it in the small apartment. by the last day, jeremy broke one of the glass cups on the display and a painting on top of clement & mel’s bed fell onto clement…

our sofa bed, surprisingly which i had no trouble sleeping on for 11 nights!

the toilet, which was so damn small but decent at least

soap, shampoo and conditioner and 2 bath towels per person were provided. gotta love the hospitality of airbnb apartments! it’s comparable to hotels yet you only pay a fraction of the price 😀

the kitchen, which we mostly used to charge laptops and phones, and boil water

thankfully, we found a laundry room at the basement of the apartment and my travel detergent came in handy as we did laundry 4 times while we were there so that we could have fresh clean clothes, socks and underwear everyday (:

it’s funny that we felt like we were in the laundry room scene in Big Bang Theory each time we were down there. also, it was pretty cool to be doing my own laundry for the first time, even if it’s just putting stuff in and taking stuff out of the washing machine and dryer.

at the lobby of our apartment, with the beautiful Xmas tree

in addition, the apartment had a doorman, who was super helpful in answering our questions about the laundry room and what happens to a package that gets delivered (we did some online shopping while we were there heh heh!) to the apartment while we were out.

am so thankful we found this apartment to stay at in NYC. it felt so much like home for 12 days. even now, i still think about it and miss coming home to it after a long day of sightseeing.


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