NYC day 1

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got back a few days ago from my amazing holiday to NYC. it was totally worth every dollar (and there were alot) spent!!!

get ready for a picture-heavy series of posts and about the things we saw and did!

Day 1:

the closest i'll ever get to going abroad for exchange and having people send me off at the airport 😛

it was my first time flying alone, and thankfully, the experience was a good one. of course, being alone made me more vigilant of my surroundings and extra careful about where to go and what to do so i guess that helped. nonetheless, it very liberating and i felt so grown up because i got on two planes and travelled halfway around the world, for 24 hours by myself!

it got abit unbearable on the 14 hour flight from Dubai to NYC though, and hours felt like days because i felt so claustrophobic and i also badly wanted to see Jeremy!

oh well, but it was worth it and although our reunion at the airport wasn’t a run-dropluggage-hug kind of epic like you see in the movies, it was still very memorable (:

first time on the subway in NYC

we heaved all our luggage on the subway all the way to Columbus Avenue, where we spent the first and only night in a dingy apartment that is the size of a 1-room HDB flat in Singapore.


believe me, if you’ve had the chance to enter a NYC subway station, you’d be thankful for SMRT even if they had delays once a week. i feel so ashamed of all my laments about the recent MRT delays the moment i stepped into a NYC subway.

– the tracks are littered with (i suspect) months worth of rubbish tossed in by commuters despite having a dustbin nearby. you can eat and drink in the subway, so i reckon that contributes to the insane amount of littering.

– the trains are jerky and they sometimes don’t have signs to tell you all the stops the train will make.

– there is no waiting time display at all. so stop complaining about SMRT giving you a heads up that the train is arriving 6 minutes later. we once waited 30 minutes for a freaking train only to go up to the control station and find a notice which stated that particular train doesn’t operate at night.

so yes, be thankful for SMRT you guys.


he took me out to dinner later at Pepe Verde’s, an Italian restaurant located a 10 minute walk away from our apartment. i believe is a super useful tool to find good food around you when you’re in the US.

Pepe Verde’s is a small cozy restaurant that feels very homely. maybe it appealed to me particularly at that time because i was so shocked at how cold 7 degrees was and was desperate to get into a nice warm place and order a hot meal.

Calamari rings in tomato sauce

Papadel with some minced meat

Meat Lagsane

he also ordered a bottle of red wine, which we couldn’t finish haha. food was ok only, though i really enjoyed the calamari rings because they were easy to bite into and swallow. how come nobody thought to serve calamari rings in tomato sauce before?

om nom nom

it took me a lot of getting used to taking 5 minutes to pile on 4 layers of clothes, a scarf, gloves, and my beret. only to start stripping them off for another 5 minutes when going indoors.

after dinner, we went to walk walk at 5th Avenue but by the time we got there, all the shops were closed so i couldn’t get down to my shopaholic ways. so we just took in the sights of Christmas decorations in NYC, as well as all the classic shop buildings that always goes in the montage of Gossip Girl.

at Harry Winston!

can't believe i forgot to go back and have breakfast at Tiffany's!!!

grand central station

memories after grand central were quite hazy because the fatigue from insufficient sleep on the plane kicked in. i sleep so soundly that night, despite our apartment being right above a pub that was playing Jazz music all the way to the wee hours of the morning.


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