the new girl

i was so bored i decided to start watching The New Girl, a new comedy staring Zooey Deschanel (found out her surname is pronounced ‘Deh-Chanel’ haha cool!)

the pilot episode was so-so and it’s humour isn’t the same, and hence not really as good, as HIMYM, MF or BBT. however, zooey deschanel is so pretty and charming in her silly dorky ways that i decided to continue watching the next 8 episodes of the first season.

what i also love is her girly vintage outfits, her pumps in all the different colours of the rainbow (i need to start collecting those), and her cute sling pouches that are only big enough to fit a phone and maybe some folded dollar bills.

cute shorts-skirt!

wow someone tell me where i can get my own rainbow brolly!

my favourite outfit of all!! i'd never even consider combining two times of polka dots in the same outfit but as you can see, it works!

The New Girl is about, well the new girl who moves into a male-dominated apartment, and brings a whole new female perspective into their lives. at the same time, she gets some bro-advice on how to get into the dating scene again, having just gotten out of a bad relationship.

watch the trailer here!

her dude room mates aren’t that attractive, except Schmidt (Max Greenfield)! hahaha but sometimes he’s quite gay and google hasn’t given me a solid answer on whether he’s really gay IRL. but for now, that’s my TV eye candy 😀

for the guys, either quirky, doe-eyed Zooey’s your type, or her sultry, cleavage-baring Victoria-Secret-Model-potential friend Cece (Hannah Simone) is.

well, if you liked the show, you heard it first from me 😀


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