Bailey’s Tiramisu

this is the month of Bailey’s, as a scout for all possible ways to try and finish up the two bottles of Bailey’s that i have at home before they expire. if you had no idea, Bailey’s expire about 6 months after opening. the next time i’m at the airport and feeling tempted to buy Bailey’s, i shall have to think of all the backup plans should i be unable to finish the Baileys in 6 mths.

after the Bailey’s brownies i baked 2 weeks ago, i decided to make some Bailey’s Tiramisu!

i got the recipe from gen’s mum, who always makes such delicious Tiramisu at their Christmas parties- which sadly, i won’t be able to go this year ):

anyhow, here is the recipe that serves about 15-20 people. i only needed enough for a family of 4 this time so i halved all the ingredients.

Tiramisu Recipe

This is good for a 12 x 9 inch baking tin (serves about 15-20)

500 gms mascarpone

6 eggs (medium – large)

2½ packets lady’s fingers (600-900 gms depending if you prefer 2 or 3 layers of biscuits)

Coffee mix:

1 tablespoon instant coffee

1 ½  cup lukewarm water

½ cup masala wine (or red wine if don’t have)

¼  cup Kahlua (or any coffee liqueur)

¼ cup fine sugar for egg yolk

¼ cup fine sugar for egg white

chocolate powder


mascarpone cheese: you can find this at Cold Storage and they have it in 250g and 500g. i got the 250g (because i halved the recipe) for $6.85

regular eggs. if you had them in the fridge, leave them out until they become room temp

i used Mint Bailey's and finally finished the bottle!

instant coffee

ladies fingers, from Phoon Huat

cocoa powder! for sprinkling on the end product just before eating

Cream mix:

1)   Mix the coffee & water, leave to cool.  Add in wine & liqueur.  Leave aside.

2)   Separate egg yolks & white.  When handling egg white, ensure all utensils are absolutely dry, otherwise it will sink when beaten.

the first time i made tiramisu. i had no freaking idea there was a technique to separate egg yolks. so silly me went to crack all the eggs into a bowl and then slowly and painfully scoop out all the yolk that i could get. but well, this time i did it by the half-shell method and it worked

the half-shell method works by moving the egg yolk from 1 half shell to the other, and at the same time, allowing the egg white to leak down into the collection bowl

3)   Use electric mixer to mix egg yolks with sugar until it’s lightly pale in color, then add the mascarpone.  Mix until well blended.  Set aside.

successfully separated egg yolks

after mixing with the electric mixer- pale yellow

silly me forgot to add in the mascarpone cheese until after i had folded in the egg white -.- then i panicked and mixed it in with a wooden spatula. thank god it could still be mixed in.

4)   Wash & dry the mixer.

5)   In a separate bowl (make sure it’s clean and dry), whip the egg white, then add sugar. Whip until stiff (almost like cotton)

pouring in sugar into the bowl of egg whites

this is when it gets extremely torturous. if you have an electric egg whisker, use it. if you dont, make damn sure to ask your mum that she is absolutely sure there is no such technology at home before resorting to hand whisking, like i did.

hand-whisking is no fun at all. but i will tell you NEVER to give up. and also, to watch this youtube video Before you start your whisking, not like i did halfway when it wasn’t turning out the way it should be and i got desperate.

like he says, use a big ceramic/metal bowl and a big whisk.

would you believe that i was freaking whisking it with a spoon in a small plastic bowl before i watched the video? and then after, i panicked and went to dig out a whisk from the bakery tools cupboard (at the same time failing to notice the Kenwood mixer whisk attachment), transfered the egg whites into a bigger ceramic bowl, and starting whisking it again.

most egg white-whisking videos tell you that the endpoint is when the whites are stiff enough so that they dont fall off when you turn the bowl upside down.

mine wasn’t THAT stiff and no way i was going to risk losing everything by suddenly flipping the bowl upside down. but my egg whites did past the 160 degrees tilt test so OK WHATEVER, NEXT STEP PLEASE!

the pro in the video is bluffing you when he says hand whisking can be easily achieved in 2 minutes. 45 minutes later, with shaky hands, i managed to snap a shot of my pride and joy

fluffy tuffy egg whites

6)   Fold the egg white mixture into the egg yolk mixture

Lacing the biscuits with coffee mix:

– This needs to be done swiftly or the biscuits will turn too soggy.

– Use a spoon to scoop coffee mix onto each biscuit as you lay it on the tray, or simply glace the biscuit with coffee mix directly.

Laying the tray:

Spread the cream mix and biscuits in alternate layers.  You can start with cream first or the biscuits.  (Starting with the biscuit layers makes it easier to serve later, it doesn’t leave the cream on the tray.

these are ladies fingers, in case you thought otherwise

layering the biscuits

here’s my other silly mistake, i forgot you were supposed to dip the biscuits on both sides, and i was so afraid of getting an overly soggy tiramisu, i only dipped in the non-sugar side into the coffee-Bailey’s mix for 1 second. oh my goodness, i pray my tiramisu will be edible and not crunchy.

cream mix on top of the second layer of ladies fingers!

and now we wait……with fingers crossed!

the shittiest thing about making Tiramisu (other than hand whisking egg whites) is that you can’t get to eat it right away! gah, it’s like having to wait for a new iPhone to be done with the first 6 hour charge before you can start playing with it, although i never really cared for that 😛

and the verdict:

))))): parts of it were as i imagined, not soggy enough. people seem to complain about tiramisu being too soggy for their own good, but what i have here is a semi crunchy tiramisu ):

the OCD i am feels like redoing the whole thing all over tml just to make it right but the one thing that is such a turn off is the egg whisking hahaha! but i shall try again soon, now that i’ve finally failed in every possible way there is to tiramisu-making.

i wont even post a picture because you can literally see the ladies fingers still intact…absolutely sad.

however, the family enjoyed it for some strange reason. so if ever there is a new pastry crazy for semi-soggy tiramisu, you’ll know where the idea came from 😛


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