NYE gala premiere


i just got home from the gala premiere of New Year’s Eve! my mum, who always seems to win stuff, won a pair of tickets to the premiere from participating in the My Paper movie contest. this is like her 3rd win already. and if you thought winning was easy, well i SMSed in for the NYE movie contest but didn’t win, so no it’s really luck-dependent.

having watched and enjoyed Love Actually and Valentine’s Day, a movie of the similar concept revolving around New Year’s Eve was surely going to be just as enjoyable!

the star studded cast for the movie includes Zac Efron, SJP, and movie newcomers Lea Michele, Jon Bon Jovi and Sofia Vergara.

i wish they casted a different rockstar than Bon Jovi though. i found his acting rather bland and unconvincing as Katherine Heigl’s lover.

Sofia Vergara really nailed her role though. it’s pretty much the same way she acts in Modern Family except she’s rather horny in this movie LOL. and as usual, her co-stars have incorporated lines to mock/appraise her huge assets. but oh my she’s simply hilarious!!!! especially her classic line of “in my coontry…


Lea Michele can’t quite run away from being snooty Rachel Berry, but at least she was less pompous about her singing talent because in this movie, she’s a mere backup singer for Bon Jovi 😛


well but the best, and most meaningful story in my opinion, was the Zac Efron and Michelle Pfeiffer one. not just because there was Zac Efron tee hee ❤

and btw i really loved the dance floor scene BECAUSE HE’S A SUPER GOOD CLUB-DANCER! and not those shuffling dancing kind, which everyone seems to think is cool here but it is not when you can’t shuffle for shiz. but yes, Efron’s totally got the smooth moves man!


overall, as you can probably predict from the Valentine’s day movie, everyone turns out to be related to each other. but do expect some twists in the story because the producers probably know that the audience will try to string the stories together themselves.

also, don’t leave when the credits start rolling! the bloopers segment are freaking epic!!!


on the whole, i absolutely loved the movie. it made me laugh and cry, and build up the anticipation for NYC in 3 wks time! 😀 after watching the whole Times Square NYE countdown, i’m prepared to go all out on dec 31st and camp out in the cold winter for hours just to to bask in the celebration of NYC’s epic countdown!!! definitely something i’d wanna cross off my bucket list! we’ll see if it’s as magical as they make it out to be in the movies.

for me, this movie scores a 4 out of 5 stars- 1 point taken away only for casting Bon Jovi and Sarah Jessica Parker, who makes the NY carriage horses look damn good on screen.


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