passive aggressive Siri

Siri is one of the most exciting new features in the iPhone 4S.

yea yea, i know those of you with an iPhone 4 are probably trying to comfort yourselves that the ONLY new feature of the 4S is this silly voice-activated assistant who can’t even understand the Singaporean accent anyway. and besides, using Siri is counter-productive most of the time, and you’d probably get the job done alot faster if you used your fingers….which means that having an iPhone 4 would suffice.

nonetheless, i had to get the iPhone 4S because my 3GS was giving out on me. and the first thing i was dying to do, after getting home- where it is private and no one can hear me speaking in a slight American accent, was trying to explore some of the silly things that Siri is capable of doing



hahahahah i am really amazed at how smart this Siri is! Siri is also available in German, French, Australian English, and UK English.

UK Siri is a dude with a prudish BBC accent. hahaha but he seems to understand me better so i guess my American accent is lousier. upon asking what “Bollocks” was, prudish UK Siri replied me “Now Now…”

Aussie Siri has that twangy Aussie accent and interpreted my “G’day Mate” as “Good Dynamites”. Also, Aussie Siri has no idea who the Prime Minister of Australia is. fail la you!!!

French Siri is even more hilarious!!! pity i can’t speak french at all so he failed to understand my pronunciation of Jet’aime miserably. but but omgosh you must watch Robin Williams as a French Siri. super funny!


in case your Singaporean accent is too thick, you may be better at trying De-find, which is a Singtel free app that doubles up as a Singaporean Siri. there’s no voice reply, so it’s not very exciting. but it registers commands like “where can i go to get bak chor mee?”

however, it’s recognition is not that precise and one still needs to speak clearly in a formal voice before it can pick it up. i also dont like that after every voice command, you are directed to a page where you have to pick from a list of possible sentence choices. understand means understand la, still must be so lor sor?

De-find can be pretty useful for it’s restaurant listings, location of amenities (like the nearest ATMs, clinics, minimarts, car repair & services), and movie timings. but it is still alot easier to use your fingers then try to get an inanimate object to understand Singlish.


what i also love about the 4S is having a front and back camera! sorry, very lag, 3GS had no such thing as Facetime. plus, the back camera is 8 megapixels!!! take that, iPhone 4S!

here is a pic that i used the front camera to take- VGA quality and very grainy :/

it’s of my new haircut btw!!! gave in to the temptation to chop some damaged locks off but i’m so happy that the hair stylist kept the length like i told him to! great value for money haircut at Salon #1 Bishan for a student price of only $19.

i told the hair stylist, Ricky, to cut ONLY an inch off the longer portions, but getting it to be at a straight even length instead of V-shaped like it used to be. he did his best without cutting too much hair off and got it to be at a U-shaped instead, which looks much nicer than all at the same length actually! the shorter portions are layered in a forward slope for volume.

i forgot to tell him not to thin it though…i simply don’t get hairstylists’ obsession with ending off a haircut with some hair thinning.

instagram-ed, hence the high contrast


and here’s a photo of Durian paste at Ji De Chi Plaza Sing, that i had with the guys + steph 2 days ago, after watching Breaking Dawn. yes, again 😛

with pomelo, thick solid durian pulp, mini and sago balls for $6


that’s all kids! hope the holidays are going splendidly for you 😀



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