moves like jagger, body like kerr

just watched the 2011 Victoria’s Secrets fashion show the other day and simply LOVED IT!!!!

i was completely amazed from start to finish and the miracle of how

1. Nothing (but the essential pair of assets) jingles

2. Legs can be as long as i am

3. These women have defied age, pregnancy, and the basic human need to subsist on food, to look this amazing.

here’s Miranda Kerr for instance, who just gave birth to a baby boy not too long ago

Miranda Kerr opening the aquatic segment of the show with a $2.5 million bra. yes, it gives the word "assets" a whole lot of literal sense

her SUPER HOT postpartum figure totally motivated me to go exercise for like….as long as the show lasted for haha!

but it’s seriously not easy to be a supermodel. they have training for a few hours almost every day. i was watching a video on the Victoria’s Secrets website about how Candice Swanepoel trains for the fashion show.

but then again, if you look that hot, and are paid that much, what’s a few hours of suffering everyday right? 😛

Candice Swanepoel, my favourite VS angel cos she's so prettyyy!!


oh and here’s the part everyone has been talking about! Adam Levine crooning “Moves like Jagger” in his typical shabby out of bed rocker outfit (sorry, never really found him sexy :/) and accompanying his VS angel girlfriend down the runway.

awww but the cute little surprise peck at the end when she was posing in front takes the prize for the best kind of celebrity PDA ever!

oh yea, real men date supermodels who are still shorter than them in 6inch heels

don’t think she’s very pretty but Levine does have some big shoes (or maybe some other department) to fill since this Anne Vyalitsyna used to date Leonardo Dicarprio!


Doutzen Kroes looking absolutely stunning in red and carrying veiled wings, which are my favourite from the show this year!

Alessandra Ambrosio, surprisingly still able to walk straight while carrying the most expensive pair of Swarovski Crystal fan wings of the 2011 show

Liu Wen, the only Asian angel in the line up


here was the Superhero segment, which features all their push-up bras in the brightest kinds of neon there is!

Lindsey Ellingson! so pretty!!!!

loving the blue bra! but not so much Adriana Lima's's time to retire and hopefully not grow fat like Tyra Banks did.


and finally, the Victoria’s Secret Pink segment

Lais Riberio, who is wearing some strange stuffed toy wrist bands HAHA

this outfit is very ngeh…but check out her multi-coloured leopard print bra, which shouldn’t have been hidden behind that hideous jacket that no one will ever be able to pull off!

hahaha i’m totally a fan of all things multi-coloured, and i just ordered a strapless bra in that multi-coloured leopard print last saturday! i can’t wait for it to be shipped over 😀



ahh ok i shall attempt to exercise and play more badminton whenever i can, now that it’s the holidays. unfortunately, there isn’t a sport that lengthens legs. if there was, i’d totally do it 4 hours a day, every day, free of charge.



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  1. Actually there is a sport that can lengthen legs!dance sport (all the latin dances esp salsa)!it elongates ur leg muscles instead of making them grow bulkier and thicker!


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