back to baking

i took a LONG hiatus from baking, no thanks to the lifesucker they call school. but today i found myself worrying about what to do with a whole lot of unfinished Bailey’s that i bought on my Korea trip in May, and that was when i decided to put it to good use and bake some brownies!

i love online recipes. there are so many talented bakers and cooks all around the world who are awesome enough to bake, share their recipes online with detailed instructions FOC, and even take such awesome photographs of the yummies they made!


i chanced upon this blog entry by The Craving Chronicles on how to make Bailey’s brownies- a perfectly accomplishable recipe for a beginner baker like me who can’t understand half the ingredients on a “Bailey’s cheesecake” or “Bailey’s-flavoured ice-cream” recipe.

did i also mention that she/he takes AMAZING FOOD PHOTOS! i want to learn!!!

the recipe is enough to make 20 brownies, or even more if you wish to cut them into bite-sized brownies. i followed the instructions to the T and ended up putting in the most effort i’ve ever done for brownies.

i barely even used the mixer!! all the wet ingredients (chocolate chips, butter, sugar) were melted in a saucepan, then hand mixed with the hand-beaten eggs, and folded into the dry ingredients with a wooden spatula.

jeremy has been hinting at me the past few days to go and exercise. but i’m telling you, all that baking effort was definitely good arm exercise man.

also, i enlisted the help of my new Siri mate for some baking advice:

pretty kewl right??

but then here’s when it starts being retarded

hahahahahahaha the last one completely cracked me up!!!

btw did you know that there’s a “raise to speak” option for Siri, which means that you can activate Siri and ask it questions while putting your phone to your ear, without looking like an idiot in public.


anyhowww here’s the end product after an afternoon of baking!

i found the brownie too crumbly when it first came out of the oven, but it tasted soft, moist and sooooo yummy. you can actually smell wafts of chocolate mixed with Bailey’s when it’s baking in the oven. but only someone who has had Bailey’s before would recognize it hahaha. it’s still overwhelmingly chocolate of course, so you can’t possibly get high on these no matter how much you eat.

also interesting to note was that i used Caramel Bailey’s, which is sweeter and more suitable tasting for dessert. i also cut backed on the salt from the recipe and only used 1/8 teaspoon because i’m not a big fan of salty brownies.

hoping to get some vanilla ice-cream tonight, drizzle Mint Bailey’s over it, and eat it with some warmed Bailey’s brownies. YUMZZZ!


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