breaking dawn is hard to do

in the midst of my exams, my mum announced that she had won a pair of preview passes to watch the much awaited (ok maybe only on my part) sequel of the twilight trilogy, Breaking Dawn!!!

imagine the dilemma i was in, being the nerd that i am, having to even consider for a brief second to skip the premiere in favour of a night of dreadful, boring revision for a module that won’t even be useful in 1 year’s time.

but of course, i buckled under the edward pressure and decided to give myself a break after being the diligent student for the past 10 years of my life. even my mum said that it won’t make a difference even if i stay home to study. damn does she know pharmacy exams well.

so last tuesday, on the day of the premiere, i stayed back in school after the pharmacy practice IV exam to try and catch up with as much revision as i could for the next day’s paper.

then i met my mum at Bugis, and joined the queue that was already formed 1 hr prior to the movie.

but omgosh, after 2 hours of pure twilight joy, i can definitely say for sure that it was SO WORTH IT! and even after taking the exam the next day, i can say with absolutely certainty that, yes, it would not have made any freaking difference if i had studied longer.

go away all you twilight haters, edward is my secret bieber pleasure.

Breaking Dawn (part 1) is THE BEST twilight movie ever! yes i admit that after the initial rush of edward crush, all the other movies seemed to bore me terribly when i watched them again for the second time.

but this one, is fantastic. i suppose nobody really cares if i spoil it for you because you won’t watch it anyway. hopefully though, maybe i can somewhat convince you to watch it 😛


5 things i liked about Breaking Dawn, part 1:

1. the computer graphics that shrunk Bella to the physique of a starving, bone-thin human being.

it is both frightening and intriguing at the same time, to watch the gradual wasting away of Bella as she progresses through her pregnancy.

the most memorable scene for me, was the part she stepped into the shower and she took off her bath robe to reveal nothing but a bony, crumbling frame. it was so, so haunting and i really never imagined her this way while reading the book.

guys, if your only motivation to watch Twilight was for Kristen Stewart and her hot body, i’d advise you to skip this one unless your girlfriends force you to…in which case, you shouldn’t even be fantasizing about Kristen Stewart in the first place.


2. the wedding

while reading the book, it didn’t occur to me that the wedding could be anything like a dream wedding, with it being held just in the backyard of someone’s home.

but in the movie, the whole scene was recreated to be the ultimate magical dream wedding of the year that owns the Royal Wedding anytime, anyday.

oh gosh and when the camera zoomed in on Edward, waiting with a charming grin at the alter, i burst into tears. LOL go ahead and judge me!


3. the wedding dress

Kristen’s wedding dress, designed by Venezuelan fashion designer Carolina Herrera, is the dress to die for.

meant as an edwardian-theme tribute to Bella’s hundred+ year old husband, it has classic long sleeves, a neckline that is low enough that it isn’t too racy. but the best part of the dress is is the back, which has a see-through lace cut-out that extends all the way until slightly, and modestly, before Bella’s butt crack. it was simple, elegant, and without the ridiculous train that would break any bridesmaid’s back while she’s trying to keep it from crumpling up.

on a sidenote: friends, if you get married and have me as your bridesmaid, please spare me the ridiculous train LOL.

unfortunately, i can’t seem to google any pictures of her in the actual dress. but here’s one of the replica that was recently launched. it would cost $800 USD, which is just a tiny fraction of the actual dress that Herrera created.


4. the sex scene

of course, Rob Pattinson’s body isn’t exactly to die for. besides, the very first scene of the movie, which features Taylor Lautner finding any form of rage as an excuse to rip off his tee and phase, served as a reminder to the constant Edward VS Jacob tussle over who is hotter.

the sex scene was nonetheless, romantic. and you have to give Edward the credit for being able to break the bed frame and tear up all the duck feather pillows in the heat of the passion. HAHA how many of you guys can do that without braking some bones, or losing some teeth? 😛

haha and i also loved the part when Bella stops being a prude, unlike how she is in the book, and actually uses some of Alice’s provocative lingerie to tempt Edward into a second session of coitus.

did you know, that the actual sex scene was alot more RA than that in the movie?? but because of all the impressionable kids that are watching twilight, they had to cut alot of the thrusting out of the movie. it will, however, be featured in the DVD! excited….HAHA!


5. Jessica Stanley’s epic speech

Jessica Stanley, played by Anna Kendrick, is famous for her absolutely dumb-blonde moments but also equally famous for the speeches she makes in the twilight movies. honestly, i’m glad that the movie gives her alot more credit for her character than the book does.

if you remember her graduation speech in Eclipse, it goes something like this:

it’s one of the rare graduation speeches in movies that really struck a note. it’s the kind of stuff people want to hear when they graduate from high school and have a couple of years ahead of them to be whoever they want to be before having to be an adult.

this time in Breaking dawn, her wedding toast speech is equally epic:


Well Bella was just like everybody else, totally mesmerized my Edward, or the hair, as I call him. Um…and then suddenly, Edward is all about Bella.

Even though she’s not the captain of the volleyball team.

I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding………Or the president of the Student Council.


gosh, i’m so glad i watched it! and i definitely wouldn’t mind paying to watch it again! or buy the DVD, with the unrated sex scenes HAHA!

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