the nude one out

during the month of October, which i would like to remember as the gutsiest month ever, i did 2 crazy things:

1. i joined the Cleo Next Top Blogger Competition

2. i wrote in to the Fashion Your Way segment in Cleo mag, and confessed that “Nude” was a tricky trend that i couldn’t pull off without looking naked or washed out.

well, at the point in time, i really was trying my luck because it would be sheer luck for them to think about featuring Nude in that segment, and then to look through their stash of emails to find my entry about it.

but somehow, i got an email from the fashion editor last week to invite me to join their Jan issue photoshoot because they were going to feature the Nude trend!

and so, 4pm this afternoon, i made my way to Beauty Emporium @ Dempsey for the photoshoot. instructions were to be there with clean face and hair, and to wear nude underwear.

i was scheduled last for shooting, so i had a good time observing how the two girls before me were getting their hair and make-up done, and then posing for about 5 minutes for that 1 photo that will be featured.

it was a delight to meet the fashion editor herself, Annabelle Fernandez! a super bubbly person, she greeted me and started gushing on about how she was really thankful for the email that i sent to suggest the Nude theme. she said that they realized that no other magazines have done it before and they were really pleased to be the first!

not to brag or anything…..but well, i’m awesome 😛

ok but unfortunately, when i tried on the outfit they had put together for me, i was still not convinced that Nude was really my cup of tea. i still looked the same colour as my clothes, and i would have never even considered combining that loose nude chiffon tee and a pair of high waisted chiffon shorts with white buttons lined on both sides of the pair of shorts.

yea i know pictures would describe the outfit better, but you’ll have to wait until i get a hold of the photo when the issue comes out end December.

at hair and makeup, i had smokey eyes and false lashes on for the first time in my life. my hair was clamped with a flat iron until it was super straight, and knotted up into a high ponytail.

to avoid looking washed out in my nude+nude getup, Annabelle added a skinny, green neon belt on my waist (masking taped so that it became a waist belt), and some neon pink, neon green and gold bangles on my left hand. i had a cute bird brooch masking taped onto my chiffon top because everything has to be returned to the stores they borrowed the stuff from 😛

the spot where i stood for my shoot! in between the blackboard and the drinks shelf...or wait, are those cosmetics...?

was bored while waiting for my turn so i went walking around the Beauty Emporium! they house Strip, Browhaus, Test Kitchen, Books Actually and a couple more cool hangouts. you can chill out and have a teatime snack, and then go for a Brazilian wax at Strip if you’re feeling brave, or kick back and have a pedicure at Browhaus! mighty cool!

an ancient (whether workable, i didn't dare touch) typewriter at Books Actually

so cute! also found while lurking around at Books Actually

well the only photo of me that you’ll get to see now is the smokey make-up i had haha. i recreated the hairstyle they had for me with my own hairband, but just imagine that it’s supposed to be a neon yellow headband.

one more thing, i really hate my ears…….

a closer look at the make-up, which i have no idea how to re-create cos my eyes were closed the whole time

ignore the wispy sideburns. it wasn't there in the actual shoot 😛

remember to look out for it in the January 2012 issue of Cleo, which will be out at the end of December this year 😀

in the meantime, do read my Cleo blog when you’re feeling bored from exams 😀


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